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Mediterranean Diet Food List

Mediterranean diet food list

Simply said the Mediterranean diet is the food of all the countries and islands that surround and are part of the mediterranean sea. This includes nations such as Egypt, Morocco, Spain, France and the middle east. All of these countries and their cuisines are part of the Mediterranean diet. 

Mediterranean Diet Food List

Why is the Mediterranean diet(food) so healthy?

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world which is why you should eat it. People in these countries live the longest and have the lowest rates of practically every disease imaginable including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and the list go on and on. This is why they live to be so old. Therefore today I am going to go cover everything you need to know step by step and food by meal to show you how to eat the Mediterranean diet.

What are the main foods in a Mediterranean diet?

Processed Food-limits your intake of refined bread, processed foods, and red meat:

Processed foods, mainly highly processed foods are one of the things that aren't commonly found in the Mediterranean diet. These are foods with a lot of sugar, fat, white flour and chemicals in them. So the first rule of the Mediterranean diet is to avoid consuming a lot of ultra-processed foods. The  Mediterranean diet is also a plant-based diet which is very vital. Lester notes that the majority of the food in a plant-based diet comes from plants. This currently encompasses all plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and grains.

However, this doesn't rule out the consumption of meat poultry, fish or dairy products. It does imply that fruits vegetables, beans, nuts seeds and grains make up the majority of your diet. Another thing it implies is that you're consuming fat derived from fruits and veggies. 

Consumption of extra virgin olive oil is the main feature of a Mediterranean diet

Olive oil especially extra virgin olive oil is a fruit-based oil. Olives are fruits and in the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is used in huge volumes. So anytime you have some nice vegetables such as a traditional greek salad, you'll always drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. Make certain that the olive oil is extra virgin. They consume roughly 40 of their calories in fact the majority of which comes from olive oil. 

High-Protein Foods to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet 

The next difference between a Mediterranean diet and diets in other nations is that the main protein source and the Mediterranean is beans. as opposed to meat, a marine protein source in the united states which includes of course chicken and red meat. Because beans are a  plant-based food with high fibre content, this is very noteworthy for people who are trying to follow the Mediterranean diet. They are one of the reasons why they are so nutritious. So if you're following a Mediterranean diet you should increase your bean consumption while decreasing your meat consumption. Meat, poultry and fish are considered condiments which means you don't have to eat a massive piece of meat for meals. They have salmon dishes as well but they don't eat it as much despite the fact that someone is high in omega-3 fatty acids.  

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Omega-3 rich foods

One of the unique aspects of the Mediterranean diet is that includes a lot of omega-3 meals which are beneficial to your heart, brain and other body organs.Omega-3s on the other hand can be found in walnuts, greens and flax oil in addition to salmon and the Mediterranean diet.Omega-3s can be obtained in a variety of ways with the plant-based foods that are mentioned. 

Whole-Grain Intake in the Mediterranean Diet

Whole grains are the next major staple consumed throughout the Mediterranean. Many people believe that whole grains are found in foods such as bread. But it's worth noting that even 100 full-weight bread is in a complete whole grain. However, a true whole grain food would be a cabbage dish with a pharaoh. faro is now considered a full whole grain and other whole grains include oats, amaranth and millet. These are all whole grains or whole wheat. Which are essentially small berries. They are great for your digestive system, lowering your cancer risk and lowering your chance of a variety of other diseases and believe it or not they can help you lose weight.

Yoghurt-"an essential part” of the Mediterranean Diet

They also eat a lot of whole-fat dairies and the Mediterranean. A loaded Tzatziki for example is a greek dish that includes greek yoghurt. It is high in probiotics helpful for your digestive system and contains many beneficial nutrients for your body. In the Mediterranean eat whole milk will fat cheese puffa yoghurt. It's actually going to help you with weight loss. It fills you up so you eat less of it. 

Red Wine-The Importance of Wine in the Mediterranean Diet 

Wine, beer and other types of alcohol are also often consumed in certain countries of the Mediterranean places as Greece, Spain and Italy. People consume a lot of wine and other alcoholic beverages. It may be beneficial to you because it raises your good cholesterol. Certain components in red wine in particular are beneficial to your heart. But if you're not into those drinks you can also consume red grape juice. Make sure it's a high-quality organic variety. It has many of the same health advantages as red wine. It raises your good cholesterol and you may drink more of it without having to worry about any health issues. 

Simple Mediterranean diet dessert 

One of the other common questions regarding the Mediterranean diet is what to eat for dessert. People assume that people in the Mediterranean eat a lot of baklava, plan and other great Mediterranean desserts .but  the truth is that they consume a lot of fruit. So in the Mediterranean, fruit is the most common dessert and it's usually simply whole fruit. Fruit is occasionally chopped up and mixed into other desserts.

This is the type of food they consume on a daily basis. Sure they have baklava, flan, canolas and other treats from time to time but that's usually more of a special occasion.

So the last thing you should do if you're on a Mediterranean diet has fruit or dessert that's all there is to it that's all you need to know about eating the world's healthiest diet.

It's important to remember that the Mediterranean diet is all about enjoying your food. It's about eating in plenty and eating with others making it delightful which is why it's so healthy.

If you have any questions about the article let me know in the comment section below and if you want to learn even more about health and fitness be sure to follow my blog so you'll get updated.

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