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Homemade liquid fertilizer from vegetable scraps

Organic Liquid fertilizer or Kitchen Compost

How to make liquid compost fertilizer at home without any cost
liquid fertilizer from household waste
Organic liquid fertiliser from Kitchen wastes

How to make liquid compost fertilizer at zero-cost with your kitchen waste like vegetable peels, food peels other kitchen waste like eggs shell, tea leaves without sugar and waste fruits and vegetables etc. First of all, take this waste in a jar but a big part of the waste should be cut into small pieces before putting in the Jar. Then pour water in the jar after cover the jar with a lid. Put the jar in a shady place to decomposing to get the best result. 

The liquid compost fertilizer has to stir well with a stick for 2 to 5 minutes every day. I used to make this liquid fertilizer in a plastic jar but the Terra Cotta is 10-times more effective and better for making any type of compost. 

What are nutrients available in liquid fertilizer made from kitchen waste composting?

 We can get every type of nutrition for growing plants from this compost. This liquid fertilizer contains NPK()Nitrogen, Phosphorous and potassium) .All types of nitrogen to micro and macronutrients can be obtained from household waste. We can use this compost in flowers, fruits and vegetable planting. I have told you to make liquid fertilizer with kitchen waste. 

I kept the kitchen waste 10 to 12 days to decompose. After that, I started with a stick and collect the liquid to filter it out. This waste can be reused two or three times to make liquid fertilizer otherwise the worst dried and make compost to use with gardening soil. So now you see the liquid compost to mix with water at the ratio of 1: 5 which means 1liter liquid compost with 5-litre water. But the amount of water is increased when the liquid is a con. density.

You can use the liquid compost early morning and after sunset for our gardening plants. This liquid compost fertilizer used in once after 15 to 20 days. 

It is better to use homemade liquid fertiliser or compost instead of chemical fertilizer

Kitchen waste does not contain harmful chemicals. It decomposes very easily in a very short time. Too much use of chemical fertilizer causes soil and water pollution. This means it is better for our environment as it is a very eco-friendly homemade fertilizer.

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