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Fitness Inspiration~Get Motivated!

Best Fitness Inspiration Tips and Videos

How to make your Body Fit and Active
-Take the proper diet and do proper exercise to stay fit and healthy
-Check your energy level in your body and find out your stress
Human beings are animals the most ancient human beings used to chase down its prey until the prey was tired of the most sophisticated machines on this planet. You have given one machine your entire life and it is your job to care of it.21st century, unfortunately, is full of excesses smoking, drinking sugar. There is just so much of that so little of human fitness. We are cheating on our bodies. Every single day that you choose to not make the decision to exercise you are going one step backward.
fitness of salman khan,hritik roshan and john abraham
Fitness Inspiration-Salman Khan, Hritik, John Abraham and Shilpa Shetty
You are not just an average being living on this planet. Your mind and body are capable of so many possibilities. Stop making excuses. Stop lying to yourself. Just take that leap that one machine you have been given for your entire life it deserves it.

Your Machine-Fitness Motivation-Video

Workout Motivational Video By Akshay Kumar in Hindi

-Do exercise at least 30 minutes every day
- Reduce sugar and salt in your diet
-Avoid eating fried foods
-Eat more vegetables
-Get your blood sugar and blood pressure checked regularly

One in three Indians suffer from hypertension(High blood pressure)
One in six Indians have Diabetes
Akshay Kumar-All you need to know about Hypertension and Diabetes(Fitness Tips)

How to Make your Body Fit & Active? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

Yoga Asanas-Health Benefits | Workout with Dumbells for Toned Arms

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