Let's Know What to Eat and Why to Eat

How to eat healthy food

Let's Know What to Eat and Why to Eat

To be healthy and refreshing, every member of the house needs to know about dietary habits.

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To maintain good health, it is very necessary to eat healthy food. All the organs of the body should work properly, for this, they need a lot of nutrition.

How Many Calories You Should Eat
According to the Dietary Guidelines, A balanced diet should include 10 to 35 percent of its calories from protein. A 1,000-calorie diet should contain 25 to 88 g of protein. Protein comes from meats, beans, and dairy foods. Choose lean cuts of meat and low-fat or nonfat dairy foods to help limit your calorie intake.
chart-table of daily protein, fats and carbo intake
-If you want to include vitamins in your diet, then it is important to have fenugreek, spinach, Sahajan and other leafy vegetables in the food.

-Cinnamon is also a beneficial spice, it works to increase the effect of insulin. It reduces the level of sugar present in the blood.

-Talking about the benefits of eating salads, it is very beneficial for health. Salad has special significance in Indian food. The body has a lot of benefits from consuming salad. Those who eat more quantity, or those who are invited to eat sweet, must eat salads. It also controls hunger as it gets tested. Eating it stays full of food so that you get rid of the problem of frequent appetite and it keeps giving energy to you throughout the day.

Women should definitely eat salads. Nutritious vitamins like vitamin E and carotene are found in green salad, which are excellent antioxidants to make the skin fit. Tomatoes must be especially in salads. Lycopene and carotenoids are present in tomatoes have the power to fight the loss of sun's ultraviolet rays. In addition to tomatoes, carotenoid is also rich in carrot. Therefore, the inclusion of carrots and tomatoes in the salad has no effect on the skin due to pollution and sunburn.

Uses of Vaseline Petrolium Jelly-Beauty Hacks

Wonderful Benefits Of Vaseline

You all know about  petroleum jelly or Vaseline. It is used most often in the winter season because with its help you can take special care of your skin.But it is not that you can only moisturize your skin from petroleum jelly, it can be used in many ways. The use of petroleum jelly is more in the winter season
uses of vaseline petroleum jelly
Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

-Skin causes stains due to several reasons. Use petroleum jelly to make the skin clean and shiny.

-If you are going out somewhere, apply the Vaseline in the posterior part of the elbows, knees and feet of the claw, black streaks will be hidden, and the brightness will also increase.

-You can use Vaseline as a make-up remover. To clean your makeup, just put a little jelly on your face then clean it with cotton, and wash your face. This will also make your skin soft.

-If you remove your eyes' make-up by using petroleum jelly, your makeup will also be removed and your eyes will not have any problems in your skin. If you want you can use it to show your eyebrows as shiny too.
Video 1-Get Glowing and Soft Hand and Legs By Using Vaseline

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