Katori Blouse Cutting Tutorial

Katori Shaped Blouse Cutting Tutorial Video

katori style blouse

blouse cutting-how to to katori cut band choli cut

Video Tutorial-Katori Style Blouse Stitching

How to use Hair Clutcher-Tutorial

How to use Clutcher

Tutorial-Hair Clutcher for women
Easy and simple hairstyle tutorial for women.
how to use hair clutcher
Hair Clutcher-How to Use

महिलाओं के लिए बाल क्लचर का उपयोग कैसे करें।

How to tie hair properly. Watch this video to learn.
उचित रूप से बाल क्लचर्स का उपयोग / टक कैसे करें-नए हेयर स्टाइल के लिए इस वीडियो ट्यूटोरियल को ठीक से देखें |
Thick ponytail tutorial
How To Tuck Clutcher Properly
Clutcher Bun Hairstyle-Thick Ponytail hair tutorial-watch the video

How do hair products cause hair loss?
Repair your hair with Olive oil

Fitness Inspiration~Get Motivated!

Best Fitness Inspiration Tips and Videos

How to make your Body Fit and Active
-Take the proper diet and do proper exercise to stay fit and healthy
-Check your energy level in your body and find out your stress
Human beings are animals the most ancient human beings used to chase down its prey until the prey was tired of the most sophisticated machines on this planet. You have given one machine your entire life and it is your job to care of it.21st century, unfortunately, is full of excesses smoking, drinking sugar. There is just so much of that so little of human fitness. We are cheating on our bodies. Every single day that you choose to not make the decision to exercise you are going one step backward.
fitness of salman khan,hritik roshan and john abraham
Fitness Inspiration-Salman Khan, Hritik, John Abraham and Shilpa Shetty
You are not just an average being living on this planet. Your mind and body are capable of so many possibilities. Stop making excuses. Stop lying to yourself. Just take that leap that one machine you have been given for your entire life it deserves it.

Your Machine-Fitness Motivation-Video

Workout Motivational Video By Akshay Kumar in Hindi

-Do exercise at least 30 minutes every day
- Reduce sugar and salt in your diet
-Avoid eating fried foods
-Eat more vegetables
-Get your blood sugar and blood pressure checked regularly

One in three Indians suffer from hypertension(High blood pressure)
One in six Indians have Diabetes
Akshay Kumar-All you need to know about Hypertension and Diabetes(Fitness Tips)

How to Make your Body Fit & Active? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

Yoga Asanas-Health Benefits | Workout with Dumbells for Toned Arms

Yoga Asanas-Health Benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Yoga is an ancient Indian way of life. In which the work of bringing body, mind, and soul together (Yoga-योग) is done. Through yoga, the body, mind, and mind can be completely healthy. In order to lead a successful life, the body needs positive energy and mental power, which we get from yoga only.

21st June has been registered in the name of 'International Yoga Day' ('अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस') all over the world. Yoga has always been an invaluable part of an ancient tradition of India. By doing yoga there are many physical and mental benefits. It connects us to nature made from five elements. 'International Yoga Day' was first celebrated in 2015. [Why should I have Breakfast?]
yoga asanas poses
Yoga Asanas-Benefits
Quik Bites:
-Yoga helps to keep the body healthy.
-Regularly, people who do yoga have resilience in the body.
-Yoga does not take more than 10 minutes.
-There is no better solution than Yoga to reduce obesity.
-It also helps to reduce the excess fat present in different parts of the body.
-It is also important to do yoga in winter to increase the brain's efficiency and get a strong brain.

Let us also know what benefits can we gain from yoga?

By doing regular yoga, all the organs of the body work smoothly. There are many yoga asanas that also keep you away from many problems. For that, you have to do asanas every day and stay healthy. From a small child to the elderly, one can do the posture of any yoga. As long as the regular yoga will be performed, its benefits will continue. Even when you can not do it for some reason, there are no side effects.

There are also many asanas of yoga, which are fixing a troubled part, but in this way, you should follow the advice and supervision of a yoga specialist. Now whether you believe or not, it can be imagined that many people have benefited from yoga, so today people are celebrating this day as an important day in the world. Being healthy, you feel healthy yourself. Yoga is not only diagnosed with diseases, but it can also be overcome by adopting many physical and mental disorders.
There are three million diabetics in the US and they have to follow Ayurveda, natural medicine and yoga as alternative treatments for the treatment of diabetes.

भुजंगासन उत्‍तानासन  त्रिकोणासन बालासन

10 Yoga Poses for beginners-By Ramdev Baba

15 Minutes-Full Body workout-by Shilpa Shetty

Yoga Asanas to reduce belly fats(पेट कम करने के लिए 5 योग आसन)


Simple MakeUp Ideas

Simple MakeUp Ideas

Essential Face Makeup Tips And Tricks For Beginners
simple makeup tips
Simple Makeup Tips and Tutorials
Sweet and Simple Makeup Tutorial

Simple Party Makeup at Home in HINDI

सिर्फ ५ चीजों से मेकअप कैसे करे | How to do Makeup using Just 5 Things | Makeup Tips Tutorial

हर लड़की अपने मेकअप कौशल को पूरा करने की कोशिश करती है, और हम आम तौर पर सफल होते हैं। हालांकि, कुछ वास्तव में उपयोगी चीजें हैं जो हर लड़की को नहीं जानता है, लेकिन ये किसी भी मेकअप दिनचर्या को सरल बना देंगे।
-चेहरे के पाउडर को लागू करने के लिए हमेशा एक बड़ा ब्रश चुनें ताकि यह यथासंभव सटीक रूप से स्थित हो।
-एक आम गलती है कि eyebrows(भौहें) दिखने लगें जैसे वे खींचे जाते हैं। भौहें हमेशा जितना संभव हो उतना प्राकृतिक दिखते रहें।
More beautiful makeup,fitness,facecare and haircare tips

Life Quotes

Quotes on Life

Smile in Trouble
"I love those who can smile in trouble"- Quote by Leonardo da Vinci
मैं उन लोगों से प्यार करता हूं जो मुसीबत में मुस्कुरा सकते हैं- लियोनार्डो दा विंची 
life quotes-smile in trouble
Life Quote-Smile in Trouble

Quote of Marcus Aurelius on Life:
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking
जीवन पर मार्कस ऑरेलियस का उद्धरण:
एक खुशहाल जीवन बनाने के लिए बहुत कम जरूरत है; यह सोचने के तरीके में, अपने आप में है
Quote on Life by Marcus Aurelius
Quote on Life by Marcus Aurelius

Quote By Carol Burnett:
Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. 
केवल मैं अपना जीवन बदल सकता हूं। कोई भी मेरे लिए ऐसा नहीं कर सकता है।
कैरल बर्नेट

life quotes-only i can change my life
Life quotes-Only I can change my life

Castor Oil Benefits-For Hair and Skin

Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil

castor oil for hair and skin
Castor Oil-Benefits for Hair and Skin
How to use Castor Oil for Hair

Castor Oil Benefits for beautiful skin

6 OMG! Life-Changing Beauty Hacks With Castor Oil-Video By Sneha

आरंडी ( Castor oil) का तेल बालों व त्वचा कि लिए कैसे इस्तेमाल करे?

How to use Castor Oil For Hair Growth

रेंड़ी का तेल in Hindi and ಹರಳೆಣ್ಣೆ in Kannada

Life Quotes

Quotes on Life
Share the best life quotations collection
life quote
Do Not Judge My Story...Quotes on Life
quotes on life-dont judge me

Let's Know What to Eat and Why to Eat

How to eat healthy food

Let's Know What to Eat and Why to Eat

To be healthy and refreshing, every member of the house needs to know about dietary habits.

Introducing some special information for you

To maintain good health, it is very necessary to eat healthy food. All the organs of the body should work properly, for this, they need a lot of nutrition.

How Many Calories You Should Eat
According to the Dietary Guidelines, A balanced diet should include 10 to 35 percent of its calories from protein. A 1,000-calorie diet should contain 25 to 88 g of protein. Protein comes from meats, beans, and dairy foods. Choose lean cuts of meat and low-fat or nonfat dairy foods to help limit your calorie intake.
chart-table of daily protein, fats and carbo intake
-If you want to include vitamins in your diet, then it is important to have fenugreek, spinach, Sahajan and other leafy vegetables in the food.

-Cinnamon is also a beneficial spice, it works to increase the effect of insulin. It reduces the level of sugar present in the blood.

-Talking about the benefits of eating salads, it is very beneficial for health. Salad has special significance in Indian food. The body has a lot of benefits from consuming salad. Those who eat more quantity, or those who are invited to eat sweet, must eat salads. It also controls hunger as it gets tested. Eating it stays full of food so that you get rid of the problem of frequent appetite and it keeps giving energy to you throughout the day.

Women should definitely eat salads. Nutritious vitamins like vitamin E and carotene are found in green salad, which are excellent antioxidants to make the skin fit. Tomatoes must be especially in salads. Lycopene and carotenoids are present in tomatoes have the power to fight the loss of sun's ultraviolet rays. In addition to tomatoes, carotenoid is also rich in carrot. Therefore, the inclusion of carrots and tomatoes in the salad has no effect on the skin due to pollution and sunburn.

Uses of Vaseline Petrolium Jelly-Beauty Hacks

Wonderful Benefits Of Vaseline

You all know about  petroleum jelly or Vaseline. It is used most often in the winter season because with its help you can take special care of your skin.But it is not that you can only moisturize your skin from petroleum jelly, it can be used in many ways. The use of petroleum jelly is more in the winter season
uses of vaseline petroleum jelly
Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

-Skin causes stains due to several reasons. Use petroleum jelly to make the skin clean and shiny.

-If you are going out somewhere, apply the Vaseline in the posterior part of the elbows, knees and feet of the claw, black streaks will be hidden, and the brightness will also increase.

-You can use Vaseline as a make-up remover. To clean your makeup, just put a little jelly on your face then clean it with cotton, and wash your face. This will also make your skin soft.

-If you remove your eyes' make-up by using petroleum jelly, your makeup will also be removed and your eyes will not have any problems in your skin. If you want you can use it to show your eyebrows as shiny too.
Video 1-Get Glowing and Soft Hand and Legs By Using Vaseline

Video 2-Petroleum Jelly for Skin

Video 3-For Hair Growth(बालों की लम्बाई बढ़ाने का अनोखा तरीका)