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Chemical Based Beauty Products Vs Natural or Organic Cosmetics

Natural Beauty Products Vs Chemical Based

 Say no to chemical – Go for natural 

Does It Really Matter If Beauty Products Are Natural? 

Over Millions of years, all creatures are living with nature and live in nature. The only human changed the style in the name of civilizations. The fear of chemical is increase nowadays and always prevention is better than cure. Let us see where we are using chemical instead of naturals.
beauty products-natural and chemical
Beauty Products-Natural vs. Chemical based
Face Pack: The preservatives ‘Butylated hydroxyanisole’ and 'Butylated hydroxytoluene' are used to prevent oils in food and oxidizing is one of the major chemical used in lightening skin creams. These two chemicals develop liver damages, stomach cancer, thyroid and reproductive organ problems.  It is banned in many countries. 

Lemon Juice- apply the natural lemon juice around the dark skin and allow for 15 to 30 minutes, wash with warm pure water.  Lemon Juice with turmeric pastes another alternative face pace for dark skins.  Lemon juice with tomato puree packs another face pack. You can apply any of the above pack to clear dark skins, and you will find shining skin in a week time.

Hair care: The chemical coal tar, which causes cancer and other health hazards which are mainly used in Hair Dyes and Dandruff shampoos. Fungicides are another chemical used to cure dandruff shampoo. This chemical stops the growth of larger plants and fishes. 

Henna-Hair dye: The combination of sesame oil, beetroot juice or curry leaves, mix it with tea, lemon juice, and curd. This is one of the best hair dyes and cares your hair with a cool skin. Another alternative for hair wash is soap nut (Sapindus) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna) powders mixed equally  in warm water is one of the best hair shampoo which removes dandruff, clear hair breakages, and silky hair. This natural powder also keeps your body cool and silky hair.

Skincare- The nano-particles used in many cosmetics for skin care, protection etc., it is used in perfumes, and body spray. These chemicals are harmful to skin, lungs and heart. It causes cancer die sis. 

Natural Skincare: Turmeric and cucumber paste is skin protecting cream. You can add little curd, lemon juice to this pack. Apply for 30 minutes and wash with warm clean water. This pack removes black spots, patches, eye black rings, and keeps shining skin.

Aloe Vera is another natural plant, the gel acts as a skin moisturizer and skin softener.  
Pomegranate seed paste is good lip care paste. Due to exposure to the sun, caffeine, dehydration and long use of lipsticks makes lips dark. Apply the paste of pomegranate seeds and milk cream, or pomegranate with olive oil and sugar paste on the lips daily and it cures without harming health.
Mercury, Hydroquinone, Oxy benzone, and sodium laurel are few chemicals used for various skin protections, dandruff shampoos, perfumes, soap, etc.,

Pure coconut oil, lemon juice, cucumber, Aloe Vera, honey, sandal paste, and tomato are few natural ingredients which cure in a natural way for many diseases.  The natural way is the best way to keep healthier. Be natural and Live natural.

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