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Power Yoga for Weight loss

Yoga Vs Aerobics for Weight loss

Yoga or Aerobics these are the two concepts will blink in your mind for weight loss. Yes, you agree on this. You will get a big diet chart for weight loss. List of exercises to do and most of us will ride on two horses without any direction. Your friends will suggest Fitness food tips.
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yoga for weight loss

 Do not worry guys, let us peep into the Yoga Vs Aerobic concepts.

Power Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is an ancient practice to keep body, mind and soul together under control. It is a kind of human discipline. The Yoga developed and practiced in India, South Asia during the third century to the fifth century.  Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism are the major followers of Yoga. It is an art, practice, and way of life. 
yoga to lose weight


Aerobics is a physical exercise to keep your body more energetic through rich oxygen.  A proper aerobic moderate exercise will keep you fit but to practice through proper guidance.  The Aerobics or cardiovascular exercises are gentle running, cycling, walking and swimming, which burns the excess calories from our body. Aerobics developed in 1960 to 1965 and systemised for US defence personnel.  

Energy through exercises: Aerobics exercises like running, walking, cycling, swimming burns fat from our body and keeps you fit.  A routine physical activity strengthens the cardio muscular and reduces the unwarranted fats / calories from our system.  The respiration system gets more inflow of oxygen, which in turn strengthen the heart muscles. The aerobic exercises improve blood circulations and risk of blood pressure reduced. It also helps to reduce diabetes and depressions, burns all unwarranted cholesterol. The intramuscular glycogen preserved during the aerobic exercises. This will help you to lose weight and look smart.

Breath and Burn: Yoga is the different method of practice, where you breathe and burn the fat. With simple systematic breathing procedures, you can increase the oxygen inflow to lungs and heart.  By yoga exercise, called as Ashana, the entire body flooded with oxygen-rich blood in circulation. The Yoga burns unwanted cholesterol or fat and keeps you fresh. There are specific exercises to reduce fat, belly, blood pressure, asthma, and certain joint pains. The breathing exercise needs to be learned properly which helps to take more rich oxygen blood to the brain. The brain needs 25 to 30% of oxygen to keep active and brisk from what we breathe. Yoga formulates the flow of oxygen and blood keeps you stress-free. 

Now who needs what:  if you are a white-collar job, defiantly you choose Aerobic exercise method so that you will have physical exercises and some activities to keep you fit. If you are a Blue-collar job, it is suggest going for yoga. This keeps you fresh, stress-free and smart decision maker. Never forget to have brake-fast and proper lunch with moderate dinners. Fruits and green vegetables ease your lifestyle.  More fibre food slows down digestion and fat prevented getting absorbed in the system. More Intake of water especially during summer and fresh fruit juices to keep you hydrated. Always think twice before taking Junk food like burger, Pizzas, cheese, butter, Soft drinks, and ice creams.  
If you want to keep, you fit or weight loss, you may go for Aerobic method or you need fitness and sharpness yoga the best. 
Burn and breath – Aerobics; 
Breath and burn –Yoga
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