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How to get slim

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Slim is secured. Do not worry Obesity; it is quite easier to bring back to smart and slim. It is the fighting between mind and body. Our Mind would say to eat junk food and body would not accept. There are many ways to adapt, except the starving. The starving is the main enemy for diet control. The starving lead to energy loses and more complications on health. The Diet, a Latin ‘Diaeta’ word means the way of Life. We ignore the way of life. As mentioned, it is the coordination between mind and body.

How is become Slim? [Pancha Thantra]

•    Yoga – Mind control
•    Exercise – Body control
•    Taste – Mind control
•    Balanced food – Energy control
•    Winning attitude – Mind and body dedication

Yoga: First, you should remove the feeling that you are criticised for being fat. There may be many reasons to become fat, hereditary, medicines, Junk foods, physical exercise, Alcohol etc., Let us first bridge our mind and body with simple Yoga practices. The Pranayama is simple breath control exercise, which carries rich and clean oxygen to the brain. Few advantages on Pranayama, more active brain, emotional control, stimulated body condition, Psychological changes, improves digestive systems, and the list goes on. The simple yoga practice for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning keeps you energetic and stresses less.

Exercise: Most of us discuss and plan for daily exercise, and the planning goes on daily. We do not follow. We blame our surroundings, Society and illusionary world. The earth never changed its routine work. The four seasons not altered themselves. The sun and moon never relocated. However, we create an artificial busy imaginary world. How many of us using the bicycles [cheapest exercise machine] to go to market? Did we watch our garden at least once in a week! Dear all, make just five minutes of walk during your every hour of work. Use your legs or bicycles for the market. Play small games with friends and family. It burns your fat.

Taste: Mind control: nature produces food grains and vegetables based on climatic, soil and human race conditions. A sea fish cannot live in pond water; Desert Camel never prefers green valley but human? We do not adapt the nature, we go against and so as nature goes against us – resulting 
Obesity. The sudden change in the traditional way of food habits goes against our immunity. Occasionally tasting junk food does not affect much on us. However, everyone needs to have absolute control with his or her tongue before taking [food] and talking [words].

Balanced food: Energy control: Knocking the wrong door will result in the wrong answer. As mentioned Starving is, the first wrong way comes to mind.

Here are 7 more ways to get slim Naturally and Quickly

    become slim fast
  1. Drink plenty of water in a day minimum 3 liters
  2.  Native food where we live
  3. The basic combinations of food are Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat- you should get balance.
  4. Green vegetables and fresh fruits as snacks – keeps you energetic
  5. Close your eyes and nose when you see Junk foods. Of course, the mouth is the main gate.
  6. Use your dining table as Debit card [limited] not as Credit card [unlimited]
  7. Do not take any chemicals, medicines or shortcut to becoming slim

Take native food, follow your culture and live slim and smart.

Your attitude is the key success to slim down. Next Article : Yoga Vs. Aerobics for weight loss

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