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Diet Plans-Fastest way to lose weight

Diet Plan for weight loss

Do you have “Diet chart for weight loss” ?

diet plans for weight loss

Yes, off-course four charts Fresh Juices, Brake-fast, snacks, Lunch / Dinner for six days.  
Hey what about seventh day Sunday? 

Come on yaar! It is an open day. 

Do you really mean this is diet chart? Diet is the way of life, dieting is maintaining the fitness. Here some of the fitness food tips. First, you remove “starving” from diet chart. We can say all diets are not healthy and need to evaluate for individuals. Some juices boost metabolism and help to reduce weight. Some of the vegetable juices control cholesterol level. The dieting factor inducted in our life from the ancient period in the form of religious and ethical beliefs. This practice is followed almost all religions around the world. Now let us see the most weight loss friendly foods in our normal lifestyle. 

The low calorie and rich micro nutrient natural fruit juices are the best when you go on a diet. It contains more minerals, rich in vitamins, an appetite suppressant, and never add any fat. 

1200 Calorie Diet

Indian Diet plan for weight loss (chart)
1200 calorie diet chart
Few healthy Juices: 

Cucumber with tomato Juice - 200 ml
Apple and spinach Juice -200 ml
Watermelon and lemon Juice - 200 ml
Pomegranate with Lychee Juice -200 ml
Grapefruit with carrot smoothie – 200 ml
Beetroot and carrot Juice – 200 ml
Lemon with ginger Juice – 200 ml

Brisk Brake-fast:

•    Tomato, Onion with mushroom or broccoli mixed with Egg white omelet with pepper and salt to taste. Fresh fruits like orange, apple, or blueberry keep you energetic. You can have a cup of black tea if you want.
•    One Banana with one cup of Bran flakes with fatless milk
•    Oats with apple and cinnamon mixer added skim milk 
•    Previous night cooked brown rice with honey and handful of raisins or cooked brown rice with fat removed buttermilk with cinnamon and salt for taste. In place of Brown rice, you can add Barley, millets, red wheat or Oats.
•    Wheat bread toasted and egg white omelet with pepper and salt
•    Green salad of tomato, onion, carrot, and beetroot with coriander leafs. Add pepper and salt for taste.

Bunch of Lunch:

    The sugar, white rice, baked goods, soda, and butter are few things make you fat, on the other hand, wheat flour, lentils, fruits, vegetables are few bits of help to reduce the weight. It is very important to balance to lunch, which should nutritious and energetic. You need not shy to have 5 or 6 mini lunches instead of 3 Mega Lunches. To boost metabolism, small lunches or eateries in the more frequent interval are the best way. The lunch with one cup of Brown rice, mixed vegetable or boiled vegetables, green salad one cup with fat-less buttermilk will keep fit. The dinner can be with two wheat roti / chapattis with a cup of vegetable soup and buttermilk or salad. For non-vegetarians, 100 grams of chicken and 50 grams of fish may add. One banana after dinner is optional. In consultation with a dietitian, you can plan for 1100 to 1250 calories food per day. Have a great day and have a great diet. 

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