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Indian Girls Impressive apparels-Clothing and Apparels

Indian Girls Impressive apparels

The Girls to impress and Men to get impressed, anywhere in the world the theory remains the same. The Indus Valley culture of India during the third Millennium BC used cotton clothing for both women and men.  Until now, the culture followed with apparels that are more impressive. No one can imagine a world without a woman and every woman try to attract a man. This is the Mantra or Formula of the Fashion business, which is called Trend Setters. It is not as easy as having a cup of tea. Impressing Indian girls with impressive apparel is a very tough job. 
ghaghra choili lehenga

Clothing closer to climatic conditions:

 It is nature and practical life that teaches the various types of clothing and models. The Indian women in common, they were four different types of clothing:
  • Sarees 
  • Salwar Kameez
  • Ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli
  • Kurtha or Kurti 

Loving girls in Lingering Saree  

In India, in many parts, Saree is a common traditional dress and the draping style only varies. Each part of the country, each region got a different style of draping but in total, the saree can make every girl a homely look, rich, fabulous, attractive, and glamorous.  The south Indian, girls mostly wore half saree before marriage and full saree after marriage. The Brahmin community of south India wears the saree a special type called ‘Madisar’, which is the compulsory customary dress of the bride at the wedding. There are many varieties of handloom, cotton, silk, embroidery, and Designer Sarees. The woman of the Millennium, Mrs Indira Gandhi late prime minister of India, was fond of cotton handloom sarees and promoted till the last days. She chooses soft matching colours and decent designs, which suits her, gained more respect.  Photos of Saree blouse design and neck patterns.

Secured Salwar Sedative Girls

The climatic conditions and situations make every creature behave protectively. Extreme climates like too hot and too cold make to protect your body properly. The frequent war and migration from place to place made many parts of the northern part of India women have secure dress - Salwar and Kameez. The Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, MP, Bihar, part of Maharashtra and Odessa. Nowadays, for more convenience and social security many adapted the Secured Salwar Kameez but no doubt it is also a sedative. The loose fit Pajama or pants is Salwar, which tight fit at the bottom and tied with drawstring at waist. The Kameez is a long tunic, with side seams, which reaches up to the thigh. A long scarf or Dupatta wrapped around the neck and covers the feminine portion. The trio is the combination and there are many types as with collar, open neck, stonework, printed, embroidery, and glasswork. This customary Secured Salwar and Kameez definitely keep girls sedative. 

Wait and watch the Ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli: 
latest fashion ghaghra choil-lehenga
Latest Fashion-Ghaghra choli or Lehenga choli

It is the traditional dress of Rajasthan, MP,  UP, and Gujarat. The Lehenga is embroidered long skirt with pleats. A midriff-bearing blouse, which is stitched properly to suit the body, with short sleeves and different kinds of low necks is Lehenga Choli or Ghagra Choli. The long scarf or Dupatta is worn in a different way which is very much appealing. The different variety of artwork, stonework, embroidery work and special designs with appealing colours will make everyone wait and watch.

Unisex Kurta or Kurti 

A long simple shirt up to knees without a collar and front side short opening is Kurtha. It is the unisex dress, which can combine Jean pants, white bottom tight wear, narrow pants, or leggings. Below the waist, it is open and extended up to the knee or just above. A scarf or Dupatta is used to cover the neck and front. This dress looks simple and many times Bridegroom used during the wedding time but still it is Unisex Kurtha.
You may name Saree, Salwar Kameez, Ghagra, or Kurtha, Indian girls' impress, express, and sedative. 

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