Chemical Based Beauty Products Vs Natural or Organic Cosmetics

Natural Beauty Products Vs Chemical Based

 Say no to chemical – Go for natural 

Does It Really Matter If Beauty Products Are Natural? 

Over Millions of years, all creatures are living with nature and live in nature. The only human changed the style in the name of civilizations. The fear of chemical is increase nowadays and always prevention is better than cure. Let us see where we are using chemical instead of naturals.
beauty products-natural and chemical
Beauty Products-Natural vs. Chemical based
Face Pack: The preservatives ‘Butylated hydroxyanisole’ and 'Butylated hydroxytoluene' are used to prevent oils in food and oxidizing is one of the major chemical used in lightening skin creams. These two chemicals develop liver damages, stomach cancer, thyroid and reproductive organ problems.  It is banned in many countries. 

Lemon Juice- apply the natural lemon juice around the dark skin and allow for 15 to 30 minutes, wash with warm pure water.  Lemon Juice with turmeric pastes another alternative face pace for dark skins.  Lemon juice with tomato puree packs another face pack. You can apply any of the above pack to clear dark skins, and you will find shining skin in a week time.

Hair care: The chemical coal tar, which causes cancer and other health hazards which are mainly used in Hair Dyes and Dandruff shampoos. Fungicides are another chemical used to cure dandruff shampoo. This chemical stops the growth of larger plants and fishes. 

Henna-Hair dye: The combination of sesame oil, beetroot juice or curry leaves, mix it with tea, lemon juice, and curd. This is one of the best hair dyes and cares your hair with a cool skin. Another alternative for hair wash is soap nut (Sapindus) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna) powders mixed equally  in warm water is one of the best hair shampoo which removes dandruff, clear hair breakages, and silky hair. This natural powder also keeps your body cool and silky hair.

Skincare- The nano-particles used in many cosmetics for skin care, protection etc., it is used in perfumes, and body spray. These chemicals are harmful to skin, lungs and heart. It causes cancer die sis. 

Natural Skincare: Turmeric and cucumber paste is skin protecting cream. You can add little curd, lemon juice to this pack. Apply for 30 minutes and wash with warm clean water. This pack removes black spots, patches, eye black rings, and keeps shining skin.

Aloe Vera is another natural plant, the gel acts as a skin moisturizer and skin softener.  
Pomegranate seed paste is good lip care paste. Due to exposure to the sun, caffeine, dehydration and long use of lipsticks makes lips dark. Apply the paste of pomegranate seeds and milk cream, or pomegranate with olive oil and sugar paste on the lips daily and it cures without harming health.
Mercury, Hydroquinone, Oxy benzone, and sodium laurel are few chemicals used for various skin protections, dandruff shampoos, perfumes, soap, etc.,

Pure coconut oil, lemon juice, cucumber, Aloe Vera, honey, sandal paste, and tomato are few natural ingredients which cure in a natural way for many diseases.  The natural way is the best way to keep healthier. Be natural and Live natural.

Workout With Dumbbells for Toned Arms

Dumbbell के साथ 5 मिनट Arms Exercise कसरत
डम्बेल के साथ प्राप्तकरो आकर्षक तथा Toned Arms बाहें और कंधे 
hindi tips for toned arms
Exercise for Toned Arms in Hindi

डम्बल का एक सेट ले लो ओर  इन आसान  लेकिन प्रभावी व्यायाम के साथ प्राप्तकरो आकर्षक तथा टोंड(toned) बाहें और कंधे | यह दिनचर्या(routine) आप अपनी फिटनेस (fitness)के लक्ष्यों तक पहुँचने में मदद करने के लिए डिजाइन किया गया था |आप इसे अकेले कर सकते हैं।
यह काम किस प्रकार करता है:
आपको ज़रूरत होगी: डम्बल का एक सेट(1 set of dumbbell) ( 3 से 15 पाउंड- स्तर(level) पर निर्भर करता है) और एक चटाई (वैकल्पिक-optional)।

एक भारी डम्बल उठाओ और अपने पैरों ओर हिप के बिच थोड़ा अन्तर(gap)बनाकर खड़े हो जाओ। कमर को पीछे की अर पुश(push) करो (घुटने को थोड़े मुड़े)| ओर अपनी धड़ को (Torso)ऐसे अागे की तरफ झुकाएँ जैसे यह फ़र्श के समानांतर आ रहा हो | कमर के निचली भाग को अागे की अर  झुकने न  दें | डम्बल को आद्योपान्त कसकर पकड़ लें। फिर उन्हें अपनी कोहनी झुका कर उपर की तरफ खींचे | आप अपने कंधे की ब्लेड(shoulder blades)को  पीठ में एक साथ चुटकी करना चाहते हैं। जैसे ही डम्बलको वापस नीचेकी अर लटकते स्थिति में लाएँ उस समय वजन पर नियंत्रण रखें | लेकिन अपने सीने को सिकोड़(collapse ) न होने दें | 
Watch Video For Arm(hand) excercise with Dumbbells 
वीडियो देखें-हाथों के लिए व्यायाम-डम्बेल के साथ 

Exercise Tips in Hindi

How to Take Care of Hair-Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

(Remedies For Hair Fall and Dry Hair)

home remedies for healthy hair
Hair Care-Home Remedies
I do not care for summer – I take care of my hair with natural remedies

    Hair is one of the external organs which keeps you smart, attracted, protects, and sensitive. It is subject to change or affected due to weather conditions or due to our improper maintenance. Summer may cause havoc on the hair and scalp. The itchy scalp, hair breakages, smelly hair, split ends and dry hair are few problems. To have a happy and healthy hair during summer there are natural easy methods:
home remedy for hair fall
Hair Fall??
1. Flow of Fluid
Drink enough of fluids. Your hair and your skin will benefit immensely from the amount of water and extra fluids that you have, so go for cooling liquids that will help keep your hair healthy and let you feel cooler. Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can. This is most needed for hair care for summer.
2. Comfy Style:
Hairs with messy braid are ideal for this summer and tight hairdos will pull the hair and causes damages to hair due to dry hair because of heat. 
3. Wash less frequently:
Frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils. Use a homemade or natural dry shampoo, such as cornstarch, in place of regular shampoo to go a bit longer without washing. Another quick fix is to dab a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel along your scalp to dissolve excess oil.
4. Seal and Spirits:
Make use of water of aloe Vera juice, the concoction of water and avocado oil and argon oil mixed with water whenever moisture is needed.
Natural and Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

5. Hot oil rinse:
Heat coconut oil/olive oil/avocado oils and apply it on the scalps which will penetrate the hair shaft. Then Shampoo hair as usual then works in oil from ends to roots. Rinse, then condition as usual. Read article: Indian Hot Oil Massage for Dry Hair and Repair Your Hair with Olive Oil
6. Tooth comb: 
Wide-tooth combs are most gentle for hair untangling, as brushes can pull and tear when they snag strands. Avoid pulling anything through your hair when it’s wet since that’s when it’s most susceptible to breaking. 
7. Avoid Too Many Cosmetics: 
Summers dries hair out and causes damages. So make sure you go easy on any chemical hair treatments during this period. Avoid too much coloring. If you really want to color your hair during summer, try and do it a month or two before the sun really hits hard.Read here How do hair products cause hair loss?
8. Prevention is better than cure:
Summer is very hot so avoid the additional heat as much as you can. Go slow on the blow dryer, and if required, wash your hair half an hour earlier so that they get ample time to air-dry. Avoid using the styling iron and curlers and let them be as natural as they can be and let not use artificial dryers. Cover up your hair with a hat or a scarf or umbrella. You need to protect heat as well ultra violet rays’ affecting your hair during summer is important.

Simple Way To Treat Pimples

Treatment for Pimples Mark

Do not prick the pimples !!
pimple-simple treatment
Pimple Marks-Simple Way to Treat

The excessive oil trapped in the pores causes a Pimple. There are many reasons for pimples and many ways to treat them easily. You can terminate the pimples in our traditional way. Normally between 12 years to 30 years, both male and female get the pimples. During the puberty, age females will get more pimples, due to the Harmon and physiological changes. Sometimes due to over stress also, you may get pimples on the face. Unhygienic way, travelling more in sun and dust are few reasons to get pimples. The pimples generally occur on the face, shoulders, back and neck.

Terminate the pimples in traditional way

remedies for pimple marks and scars

There are many ways to treat the pimples –

1. Cool the pimple with Ice cube:

Apply Ice cubes on the pimple and swollen skin, the ice cubes quickly reduces the swelling and reddishness.  The Ice cubes help to improve the blood circulation, tighten the pores, remove the oil and dust from the skin. After giving ice treatment, you can apply white toothpaste on pimple and surrounding.

2. Fresh lemon juice: clean the pimple and surroundings with cotton and apply fresh lemon juice, allow drying. Three times a day will clear the pimples. You can add cinnamon powder and lemon juice and apply on pimples before going to bed in the night and wash with warm water. You will get a spotless face.

3. Steam wash: take a wider container with boiling water, and allow steam to get contact your face. Three times and 15 minutes of steam wash will remove oil, dust and bacteria from the skin and cure a pimple easily.

4. Garlic – multi-skill medicine – Antioxidant, anti fungal, antiviral and antiseptic medicinal Onion Genus is the best medicine.  Apply juice of garlic on the pimple and surroundings. Three to five times in a day will make a spotless face. Remember to wash your face with warm water each time.

5. The natural antibiotic – Honey is not only sweet but best medicine for many things. For a pimple, first clean the pimple and surroundings with clean cotton and apply honey. After 30 minutes wash with warm water, three times in a day, the pimple will stay away. You can add cinnamon with honey, make a paste and apply on the face before going to bed. Next day morning wash with warm water. You will get back your sweet face.

6. The rich vitamin A, C, and E with potassium cucumber is a soothing and cooling vegetable. Apply cucumber ground paste on the face and wash with warm water after half an hour. The cucumber enriches your skin.

7. Papaya – the antioxidant with vitamin A rich Papaya fruit is another way for pimple treatment. The papaya juice with honey is one of the best combinations for silky skin and pimples. Apply the juice on the face before going to bed and wash with warm water next day.  You will get smooth and wrinkle free face.

8. In general, avoid going out during 11 am to 3 pm direct sunlight, wash your face minimum three times with warm clean water. Drink plenty of water, tender coconut, cucumber, and lemon juice. You cannot stop the summer, but you can prevent summer diseases. Find here Household treatment for pimples

Natural way to get rid of Acne without mark

What is Acne and get rid of Acne without mark
Natural way to treat acne and preventive action
get rid of acne without mark
Natural way to treat Acne & Preventive Action
What is Acne: Propionibacterium acne lives on our oily skin pores. It is a very tiny microbe. The aggravated bacteria causes swelling bumps in red color on the skin mainly on the face is Acne. It is the biggest worry of the teenagers, especially girls. Acne is a very common skin disease, which affects mainly during the age of 12 years to 21 years. However, Acne can develop at any age and both male and female. The Acne is dangerous but it may leave scars marks if not treated properly. 
There are many natural ways to treat and prevent Acne.

How do we get Acne? 
  1. The primary cause, if androgen one of the Hormones, increases it level during the puppetry time, may lead to Acne. 
  2. It may be genetic.
  3. Sometimes greasy cosmetics may also develop acne.
  4. Due to hormone changes during pregnancy time, may reason to develop Acne.
  5. Stress – is one of main reason for developing Acne
  6. The prevention is better than cure 
  7. The Salicylic acid filled Aspirin quick ingredient for healing acne. The aspirin mixed with little water or Rose water, the paste can apply on the acne and allow to dry for 45 minutes to one hour. Then clean with warm water. This will reduce and cure in few days. 
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar: It contains acetic acid and Malic acid, which is having antimicrobial properties, is another simple medicine. Dip the apple cider vinegar in cotton and apply smoothly on the acne portion. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with clean water. Regular application will make your skin smoothly and sparkle
  9. Follow directions given by the doctors during the acne treatment. Normally it takes six weeks to get better results.
  10. A Balanced diet is more important. More oily of fat content need to avoid during the treatment time
  11. Stress is also one of the causes of acne. So keep your mind and body without stress, to get quick healing.
  12. Choose non-oil cosmetics to suit your skin. You may use Non-Comedogenic cosmetics which prevent clogging pores.
  13. Keep the face clean- Minimum two to three times washing your face will keep your face sparkling. This will clean oil substance, dust, and greasy materials from your face and Acne free skin. Use warm water with a mild cleanser. 
  14. Do not wash harshly or roughly your skin, it may damage the skin. Use washed soft towel or cloth to wipe or clean the skin.
  15. Avoid using oils, fragrances, gels, and pomades on your hair,that may get on your face and block the skin’s pores
  16. Never pop or pick acne from your nail or finger, it will lead to infection and heavy score mark.
  17. Avoid going in hot sun between 11 to 3 noon, if it unavoidable, cover the face with a soft cloth. 
  18. Wash your face after reaching home with mildly warm water even you does not have acne.
  19. A healthy food, preventive care on skin, protecting from direct sunlight, Stress-free mind, and keeping skin with minimum oil will keep sparkling skin and spotless face. Have a Great day.
Household treatment for Pimples

Health-Beauty-Fashion Tips for Summer Season

Hot Tips to Cool Summer

  • Select your dress to suit summer
  • Homemade Skin tanning creams
  • Summer Drinks to keep you cool

Nature offer you during the summer, the cucumber, watermelon, lemon and others to keep you balanced. When you cannot avoid scratching summer, at least, enjoy. Let us welcome, the hot tips to Cool Summer:
Select your dress to suit summer
summer dresses for women
Summer Dresses
  1. Cotton & Khadi: The most suitable and favorite dress material is cotton and Khadi. This is very common fabric on India and many hot countries around the world. The cotton dresses are cheaper, available in many varieties, absorbs moisture quickly and evaporate quickly. The cotton materials are easily washable and most preferred dress during hot summer. 
  2. Avoid heavily embroideries, stonework thick dress materials during summer. This makes you more uncomfortable.  
  3. Always wear loose garments and clean inner garments. 
  4. To have more air circulation, Linen cloth dress were suitable during the summer. These linen materials are available with different designs and colour to suit your taste. 
Homemade Skin tanning creams: 
homemade skin tanning cream
Homemade skin tanning Cream
  1. The Aloe Vera and Lemon paste are excellent natural cream to keep your skin protected. The Bleaching rich agent, high Vitamin C, with an antioxidant from lemon helps to glow your skin. The Aloe Vera, the short-stemmed succulent plant that produces antiseptic gel is the natural skin shine. The mixer of Lemon juice and Aloe Vera gel keeps your face shining and glowing during the summer. This is all time skin cream.
  2. The gram Flour with Curd face pack – it is another natural face pack with a combination of whitener and deep moisturizer. The gram flour, clean up your suntan from the skin and helps to glow brightly. The Calcium rich curd with the quality of exfoliating removes the dead skin or suntan and brings back your shining skin. Apply the gram flour and curd pack on your face, neck, and hands then allow drying for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with warm water, your feel surprise to see your glowing skin. You can add few drops of lemon juice also.
  3. Turmeric, Honey, and Yogurt pack – It is another homemade pack during summer to protect your skin. The turmeric known for its antiseptic quality and disinfectant cures small cut, burns or any infection. The moisturizing Honey, gel textured Yogurt mixed with Turmeric powder, helps to retain the skin quality and sparkling way.

Summer Drinks(Juices) to keep you cool
homemade summer drinks
Homemade Summer Drinks
  1. The 25 ml of lemon juice or one full lemon juice, add 100 to 125 ml of ice water. Adds sugar or salt to taste and service with ice cubes. Three glasses of lemon juice in a hot summer day bring back your energy. 
  2. The natural, unadulterated health drink is Tender coconut. One tender coconut one day is enough to cool your summer hot days.
  3. Watermelon Juice- Take one full watermelon and remove the skin and seeds. Juice it in a Juice maker; add litter sugar to taste and pinch of pepper. Keep it in the refrigerator, service with love and affection, which keeps you and family cool. 
  4. Mint or Pudina leaves is another good herb, which can add any of the above juices. 
  5. As a precautionary, take an umbrella or hat to protect your head, sunglasses for eyes, cotton dress, and handkerchief or tissues to wipe sweating  Avoid outing during 11 am to 3 pm, this the peak period of hot sun. Drink one glass of hot or warm water in the morning, noon, and night to keep away your thirst. Let us celebrate the hot summer with cool way. 

Why should I have Breakfast?

Stay smart with Stunning King Breakfast 

Benefits and best Breakfasts – Indian  

healthy breakfast-Indian
Healthy Breakfast
Almost every house, twice in a week everyone will say this dialogue –“I do not have time to take Breakfast,” “Nothing will happen if I miss Breakfast today,” “Boring, let me have heavy lunch” so on. Please do not wait for what we want to say. You take a note and read while you are traveling, at leisure time, or before meeting a Health consultant. 

Do you know why you should not skip Breakfast??

 After a gap of 7 to 9 hours, from your dinner, your stomach and the digestive system are empty. You need enough strength to start your day with full energy. A King Size Breakfast is necessary. If you miss breakfast in due course you may face problems like cardiac problem, acidity, or metabolism. The basic need of a human body is the carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Vitamin, and Minerals. 
There are many simple but balanced Breakfast varieties, which keeps you stay smart. 

Poor man’s Healthy Breakfast - Idli with Sambar 

The typical South Indian Dish, very healthy and simple Breakfast, which can take with Dal Sambar or Coconut Chutney or Dal chili powder. The batter of rice and Black gram keeps you rich protein and carbohydrate. The same idli can fry with onion, Garlic, and tomato paste for a different taste. This is most appreciated south Indian Breakfast and suitable for all age group including aged persons and patients.

Dosa-One Batter –Different variety:
The Dosa, another lingering South Indian Breakfast item bagged many awards for its uniqueness. The low calorie, rich in protein and carbohydrate Dosa, easily mixes with any combinations. 
  • Dosa with Sambar and Coconut / Onion /Garlic chutney 
  • Dosa with Potato curry
  • Dosa with Fried Onion 
  • Dosa with Egg and Tomato
  • Dosa with butter / Ghee / dhal chili powder

The quality and taste differ depending on the thickness of the Dosa. A brown colour very thin variety named Roast Dosa to thickest named Uthappam. The each variety gives different lingering tastes.

Roti Aur Dal- Kya Kamaal:

The chapatti or Roti, made out of Wheat flour is another fantastic breakfast, which keeps you active until lunch. The Dhal fry, mixed vegetables or curd will suit with Chapatti / Roti. The chapatti toasted with ghee can withstand for days during the travel. As Dosa, the Potato stuffed Chapatti, Boiled vegetables mixed Chapatti, Cheese roll with Chapatti and Onion stuffed Roti are few varieties. During the winter, Chapatti is one of the warmest breakfast with milk keeps you active. 

Go with Nature Green Breakfast 
healthy salad breakfast

One tomato, bunch of Beans, One Capsicum, Carrot, Cucumber, Onion,  a punch of green peas, cabbage 4 leaf, a bunch of coriander leaf – chop all these into small pieces add salt and pepper to taste. These green vegetables can sandwich with bread for kids. One bowl of green vegetables with one glass of milk makes to slim and stunning.

Bachelors’ Breakfast
Bachelors’ Breakfast

It is the Bachelor’s breakfast, two or three boiled eggs with bread slices and cup of boiled milk, is very quick recipe and healthy breakfast. If you have enough time, you can make Plain omelet or cut onion and tomato as Masala Omelet. One glass of milk or Fruit juice with Omelet energizes you.

There is an ancient saying: 
  1. Kings Breakfast – Rich and quality with quantity
  2. Prince Lunch – Moderate Lunch
  3. Beggar Dinner – Small or limited quantity
You keep green vegetables, Boiled vegetables and Fresh fruits in your week long breakfast menu, Keeps the Doctor away. Have a Breakfast and enjoy the Day.

Female shapes and sedative dresses


woman body shape and dressing sense
Dressing:  One of the basic, but important factors that make everyone watches you. You may be dusky, medium, or fair in colour but the dresses may be saree or Salwar Kameez, Jean with T-shirt makes more sense. The colour, design, pattern, fabric, and draping style are the few key factors to make every female better to best. Let us understand different shapes and dresses to suit us. 

God’s Gift Hourglass Shape women

  Most of the girls like this shape but God have given to few only. The size of bust and hips are same measurements with thin waist shaped body is called Hourglass shaped girls. Overall 6 to 8 % of the women have Hourglass shape body and consistently maintaining is very difficult task. The Sarees made of chiffon, crepe, georgette, and handloom cotton will suit very much for the curvaceous body shape. The simple embroidery sarees with well-fitted blouse will look elegant. The floor length Anarkali with tight fit waist or short kurta with leggings or slim fit Chudidar keeps much attracted by everyone.
Cheer with Pear Shape Women
girls body shape fruit and dress

The smaller or modest upper part of the body with wider hips like a Pear fruit shaped, called Pear shape girls. This pear shaped girls need to hide their flaws and to sharpen their visual appealing shapes. They get more attention towards the hip to bust. The A- Line floor length Anarkali Kurtha with heavily designed or embroidery work design attracts more attention to the upper body and submerges the wider hip or bottom line. The sarees made of Soft silks, georgette, and chiffon, which can balance the lower part, and upper part of the pear shaped woman. The Sarees with bright and bold, with heavy border and small prints, keeps your cheers.

Always like Apple shape women

The woman with slender arms and legs with bust and stomach heavier like an apple called Apple shape woman. Their best assets are slim legs and arms that they need to exploit. The silk sarees are the best choice with long arms blouse keeps attracted by everyone. A mild artwork or embroidery makes them watching.  A waist length Anarkali with wider hemline dress covers the heavier bust and stomach. The decent embroidery work on shoulders and around the neck and arms gives a violent look. A wide bordered saree with contrast long sleeves blouse makes everyone wait and watch.
Plump Woman or Fatty woman: they should prefer lightweight sarees like chiffon with a dark colour body and light colour border. This keeps you slimmer and smarter. 

Style Tips For Slim Girls

 Choose heavy silk sarees with bold and bigger artwork or embroidery with sleeveless blouses make them slimmer and sparkling. 

Useful tips: 

Avoid buying correct size Salwar or Kurthi, after washing it may shrink, and expose your body curves unpleasant manner. A little loose fit always makes comfortable.

During summer, avoid wearing heavily embroidered Salwar Kameez, which makes you difficult. The airy and lightweight dresses make very comfortable.

Accessories like earrings, bangles, and neck bands are more important and matching with the dress you are wearing keeps you glamorous.

The dresses and accessories make every woman to complete woman. Do not be one among the crowd, be one out of the crowd. A good sense of dressing brings you more respect. 

Indian Girls Impressive apparels-Clothing and Apparels

Indian Girls Impressive apparels

The Girls to impress and Men to get impressed, anywhere in the world the theory remain same. The Indus Valley culture of India during third Millennium BC used cotton clothing for both women and men.  Until now, the culture followed with apparels that are more impressive. No one can imagine a the world without a woman and every woman try to attract a man. This is the Mantra or Formula of Fashion business, which called as Trend Setters. It is not as easy as having a cup of Tea. Impressing Indian girls with impressive apparels is a very tough job. 
ghaghra choili lehenga

Clothing closer to climatic conditions:

 It is nature and practical life teaches the various types of clothing and models. The Indian women in common, they were four different types of clothing:
  • Sarees 
  • Salwar Kameez
  • Ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli
  • Kurtha or Kurti 

Loving girls in Lingering Saree  

In India, many parts, Saree is a common traditional dress and the draping style only varies. Each part of the country, each region got a different style of draping but in total, the saree can make to every girl homely look, rich, fabulous, attractive, and glamorous.  The south Indian, girls mostly wore half saree before marriage and full saree after marriage. The Brahmins community of south India wears the saree a special type called ‘Madisar’, which is the compulsory customary dress of bride in the wedding. There are many varieties of handloom, cotton, silk, embroidery, and designer Sarees. The woman of the Millennium, Mrs. Indira Gandhi late prime minister of India, who was fond of cotton handloom sarees and promoted till the last days. She chooses soft matching colours and decent designs, which suits her, gained more respect.  Photos of Saree blouse design and neck patterns.

Secured Salwar Sedative Girls

The climatic conditions and situations make every creature behave protectively. The extreme climates like too hot and too cold make to protect your body properly. The frequent war and migration from place to place made many parts of the northern part of India women have secured dress - Salwar and Kameez. The Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, MP, Bihar, part of Maharashtra and Odessa. Nowadays, for more convenient and social security many adapted the Secured Salwar Kameez but no doubt it also sedative. The loose fit Pajama or pant is Salwar, which tight fit at the bottom and tied with drawstring at waist. The Kameez is a long tunic, with side seams, which reaches up to thigh. A long scarf or Dupatta which wrapped around the neck and covering feminine portion. The trio is the combination and there are many types as with collar, open neck, stonework, printed, embroidery, and glasswork. This customary Secured Salwar and Kameez definitely keep girls sedative. 

Wait and watch the Ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli: 
latest fashion ghaghra choil-lehenga
Latest Fashion-Ghaghra choli or Lehenga choli

It is the traditional dress of Rajasthan, MP,  UP, and Gujarat. The Lehenga is embroidered long skirt with pleats. A midriff-bearing blouse, which stitched properly to suit the body, with short sleeves and different kind of low neck is Lehenga Choli or Ghagra Choli. The long scarf or Dupatta is worn in a different way which very much appealing. The different variety of artwork, stonework, embroidery work, and special designs with appealing colours will make everyone wait and watch.

Unisex Kurta or Kurti 

A long simple shirt up to knees without a collar and front side short opening is Kurtha. It is the unisex dress, which can combine Jean pant, white bottom tight wear, narrow pants, or leggings. Below the waist, it is open and extended up to the knee or just above. A scarf or Dupatta used to cover the neck and front. This dress looks simple and many times Bridegroom used during the wedding time but still it is Unisex Kurtha.
You may name Saree, Salwar Kameez, Ghagra, or Kurtha, Indian girls impress, express, and sedative. 

Lingering Silk Sarees of India

Stunning Silk Sarees of India

 It is not a simple thread – it is Silk of India
silk saree designs

The Silk sarees nearly 2500 BC year old technology continued in few part of India. The Silk products as Sarees, Dhotis, Salvar, Kurtha, and others keep it demand, attraction, and royalty in its look. In-spite of modern world still Silk keeps high demand, status symbol, and Fashion of the Era. There are many evidences from Archaeological researcher the silk used during 2400 BC at Chanhudaro and Harappa culture in ancient India and there are evidences silk also produced in China during that period. The silk threads produced through sericulture of Silkworm species with the process of degumming and reeling. 

There are different weaving method and technology used in creating a valuable, marvelous Silk Sarees in different part India. 

Kanchipuram Silk Saree-Simple and Splendor

Simple and Splendor Kanchipuram Silk sarees is very famous for its handloom work with Golden Zari. The specialty of the silk saree is made of pure Mulberry silk threads. The body colour and the border of the Kanchipuram silk saree is different contrast colour designed with Zari, which comes from Gujarat. The Pallu or the hanging end of the Kanchipuram saree made separately with the same colour silk threads. The Main saree and Border of the Kanchipuram saree made separately. All three interlocked together so precisely that no one can find out. The Zari design work is very special like a bird, elephant, and God and goddess images or according to the customer choice. The Contrast Borders, different colours, designs, the quality of Silk and the Zari thread used, and finally the artisanship keeps Kachipuram Silk Sarees in High quality and value at international level. The contrast colour, the artistic Pallu, quality, and design of Zari keeps every female more attractive even with fewer jewels. This is one of the main reasons, most of the South Indians prefer to get at least one Kanchipuram Silk wedding Saree according to their financial conditions. The Kanchipuram Silk saree got the Geographical Indication by Government of India. 

Banarasi Silk-The Royal Touch with Mughal Design:

indian designer silk saree
The Royal Touch with Mughal Design Banarasi or Benares Sarees originated from Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh, India. The quality of the Zari threads gold and silver keeps the high value of the Banaras Silk Sarees. The Banaras silk sarees made out of the fine quality of silk threads and rich work Pallu and designer work on entire body portion makes little bit heavier, still it is a must saree for the wedding in many parts of India. The special characteristics of Mughal style, intertwining floral designs, the mixer of Silver and Gold threads gives a visual effect and Royal Touch to the Banaras Saree. 

 Sambalpuri Silk Saree: 
The specialty of the Sambhalpuri Silk Sarees never fades for years together. The Silk threads process with natural colour and not chemical used to dye the fibers. The Dyeing process will take minimum 5 weeks and the saree weaved to the taste. The attractive designs like Conch Shell, Flower Motifs, Fish, or animals keeps the Saree rich, elegant and natural pleasing look. The variety of Sambhalpuri Silk saree comes in different budget range, mild natural colours, every Teenage girl Say No to Saree but Yes to Sambhalpuri Silk Sarees. It is the pride of Odisha. 

Any Indian girl, never says no to Silk sarees, whether it Kanchipuram, Sambhalpuri, Mysore or Patola Gujarat type Silk sarees, Chanderi Silk sarees of Madhya Pradesh. Be Indian and Buy Indian and spread the Indian culture. 

Diet Plans-Fastest way to lose weight

Diet Plan for weight loss

Do you have “Diet chart for weight loss” ?

diet plans for weight loss

Yes, off-course four charts Fresh Juices, Brake-fast, snacks, Lunch / Dinner for six days.  
Hey what about seventh day Sunday? 

Come on yaar! It is an open day. 

Do you really mean this is diet chart? Diet is the way of life, dieting is maintaining the fitness. Here some of the fitness food tips. First, you remove “starving” from diet chart. We can say all diets are not healthy and need to evaluate for individuals. Some juices boost metabolism and help to reduce weight. Some of the vegetable juices control cholesterol level. The dieting factor inducted in our life from the ancient period in the form of religious and ethical beliefs. This practice is followed almost all religions around the world. Now let us see the most weight loss friendly foods in our normal lifestyle. 

The low calorie and rich micro nutrient natural fruit juices are the best when you go on a diet. It contains more minerals, rich in vitamins, an appetite suppressant, and never add any fat. 

1200 Calorie Diet

Indian Diet plan for weight loss (chart)
1200 calorie diet chart
Few healthy Juices: 

Cucumber with tomato Juice - 200 ml
Apple and spinach Juice -200 ml
Watermelon and lemon Juice - 200 ml
Pomegranate with Lychee Juice -200 ml
Grapefruit with carrot smoothie – 200 ml
Beetroot and carrot Juice – 200 ml
Lemon with ginger Juice – 200 ml

Brisk Brake-fast:

•    Tomato, Onion with mushroom or broccoli mixed with Egg white omelet with pepper and salt to taste. Fresh fruits like orange, apple, or blueberry keep you energetic. You can have a cup of black tea if you want.
•    One Banana with one cup of Bran flakes with fatless milk
•    Oats with apple and cinnamon mixer added skim milk 
•    Previous night cooked brown rice with honey and handful of raisins or cooked brown rice with fat removed buttermilk with cinnamon and salt for taste. In place of Brown rice, you can add Barley, millets, red wheat or Oats.
•    Wheat bread toasted and egg white omelet with pepper and salt
•    Green salad of tomato, onion, carrot, and beetroot with coriander leafs. Add pepper and salt for taste.

Bunch of Lunch:

    The sugar, white rice, baked goods, soda, and butter are few things make you fat, on the other hand, wheat flour, lentils, fruits, vegetables are few bits of help to reduce the weight. It is very important to balance to lunch, which should nutritious and energetic. You need not shy to have 5 or 6 mini lunches instead of 3 Mega Lunches. To boost metabolism, small lunches or eateries in the more frequent interval are the best way. The lunch with one cup of Brown rice, mixed vegetable or boiled vegetables, green salad one cup with fat-less buttermilk will keep fit. The dinner can be with two wheat roti / chapattis with a cup of vegetable soup and buttermilk or salad. For non-vegetarians, 100 grams of chicken and 50 grams of fish may add. One banana after dinner is optional. In consultation with a dietitian, you can plan for 1100 to 1250 calories food per day. Have a great day and have a great diet. 

Power Yoga for Weight loss

Yoga Vs Aerobics for Weight loss

Yoga or Aerobics these are the two concepts will blink in your mind for weight loss. Yes, you agree on this. You will get a big diet chart for weight loss. List of exercises to do and most of us will ride on two horses without any direction. Your friends will suggest Fitness food tips.
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yoga for weight loss

 Do not worry guys, let us peep into the Yoga Vs Aerobic concepts.

Power Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is an ancient practice to keep body, mind and soul together under control. It is a kind of human discipline. The Yoga developed and practiced in India, South Asia during the third century to the fifth century.  Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism are the major followers of Yoga. It is an art, practice, and way of life. 
yoga to lose weight


Aerobics is a physical exercise to keep your body more energetic through rich oxygen.  A proper aerobic moderate exercise will keep you fit but to practice through proper guidance.  The Aerobics or cardiovascular exercises are gentle running, cycling, walking and swimming, which burns the excess calories from our body. Aerobics developed in 1960 to 1965 and systemised for US defence personnel.  

Energy through exercises: Aerobics exercises like running, walking, cycling, swimming burns fat from our body and keeps you fit.  A routine physical activity strengthens the cardio muscular and reduces the unwarranted fats / calories from our system.  The respiration system gets more inflow of oxygen, which in turn strengthen the heart muscles. The aerobic exercises improve blood circulations and risk of blood pressure reduced. It also helps to reduce diabetes and depressions, burns all unwarranted cholesterol. The intramuscular glycogen preserved during the aerobic exercises. This will help you to lose weight and look smart.

Breath and Burn: Yoga is the different method of practice, where you breathe and burn the fat. With simple systematic breathing procedures, you can increase the oxygen inflow to lungs and heart.  By yoga exercise, called as Ashana, the entire body flooded with oxygen-rich blood in circulation. The Yoga burns unwanted cholesterol or fat and keeps you fresh. There are specific exercises to reduce fat, belly, blood pressure, asthma, and certain joint pains. The breathing exercise needs to be learned properly which helps to take more rich oxygen blood to the brain. The brain needs 25 to 30% of oxygen to keep active and brisk from what we breathe. Yoga formulates the flow of oxygen and blood keeps you stress-free. 

Now who needs what:  if you are a white-collar job, defiantly you choose Aerobic exercise method so that you will have physical exercises and some activities to keep you fit. If you are a Blue-collar job, it is suggest going for yoga. This keeps you fresh, stress-free and smart decision maker. Never forget to have brake-fast and proper lunch with moderate dinners. Fruits and green vegetables ease your lifestyle.  More fibre food slows down digestion and fat prevented getting absorbed in the system. More Intake of water especially during summer and fresh fruit juices to keep you hydrated. Always think twice before taking Junk food like burger, Pizzas, cheese, butter, Soft drinks, and ice creams.  
If you want to keep, you fit or weight loss, you may go for Aerobic method or you need fitness and sharpness yoga the best. 
Burn and breath – Aerobics; 
Breath and burn –Yoga
Next Article: How to become slim?

Food Poisoning-Symptoms and Remedies

Food Poisoning-Symptoms and Treatment

food poisoning symptoms
Food Poisoning

The unhygienic way of cooking, poor quality of food contents, ingredients, and water used, are few major causes for Food poisoning. Either infectious or toxic agents will cause food poisoning. The pathogenic bacteria contents in food with other microbes infect our body is one type and in the case of contaminated toxin produces by the food, ingredients or other is another type of food poisoning. The viruses, parasites, or prisons are the various causes to contaminate the food and become poisonous. 

Symptoms of Food Poisoning 

A few symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, pain in the abdomen, gastroenteritis, fatigue, and fever. Sometimes it may cause semi-permanent or permanent health problems. Nevertheless, we cannot discard the death in some cases of food poisoning. The high risk involved with babies, pregnant women, aged sick patients, and weak immune persons. Few times the food poisoning may not react immediately, takes some days. The food poisoning can be diagnosed by blood test, food test and stool test and proper treatment extended. Many times diarrhea may cause dehydration and leads to critical conditions also. Generally, the food poisoning patient treated for two or three days at home for moderate diarrhea with plenty of boiled water, tender coconut water, and fresh fruit juices. It keeps energetic and active.
home remedies of food poisoning
Natural Home Remedies of Food Poisoning

Quick Home Remedies of Food Poisoning

Ginger:  Add one spoon of Ginger juice with one spoon of honey mixed with water, cures in digestive problems. You can also feed raw ginger slices or ginger tea to set right the upset stomach. Three to four times 100 to 150 ml of juice in a day keeps recovering from illness.

Lemon:  the lemon juice keeps away virus and bacteria, which is main, cause of food poisoning. One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice added with sugar and little ginger juice make the patient relieved from stomach-upset issues. In any case, do not use packed lemon juice. Keep feeding four or five times of 150 Ml of lemon juice in a day make you fresh.

Basil: It is an excellent antimicrobial herb, which is easily available. You can make basil juice added with honey and coriander juice mixed in water keeps improvement in deteriorating stomach issues. To get quick relief, you can feed four or five times of 150 Ml in a day.

Garlic: It also works as Basil, keeps antifungal and anti-viral away from the upset stomach and diarrhea. Only the issue with garlic is the bad odder, which keeps everyone little bit away. However, as a medicine, you can directly take one fresh garlic clove or as juice mixed with water to get cured at the earliest. 
Banana: It is another fruit which clears stomach upsets and rich potassium with energetic.

jeera or cumin seed for food poisoning
Cumin seeds [Jeera] is one of the home medicine, directly you can eat Cumin seeds, or boil in water to clear food poisoning issues. A Cumin and ginger or lemon or honey mixer of water cures faster and clears upset stomach and food poison issues.

Prevention is better than cure:

Always it is obvious to select the food, preparation, hygienic method, and proper ingredients used. Wash your hands, plate and drink pure water. If you feel and smelt unusual smell or taste, better to stop eating. Nevertheless, avoid packed foods and if you cannot, then check the expiry date and ingredients used. Consult a doctor immediately when you are upset due to food poisoning and take care of the procedure as advised. If it is homemade, prevent children, elders, and sick patients from eating the rotten food. Enjoy good food and enjoy the life.


How to get slim

slim body
Slim is secured. Do not worry Obesity; it is quite easier to bring back to smart and slim. It is the fighting between mind and body. Our Mind would say to eat junk food and body would not accept. There are many ways to adapt, except the starving. The starving is the main enemy for diet control. The starving lead to energy loses and more complications on health. The Diet, a Latin ‘Diaeta’ word means the way of Life. We ignore the way of life. As mentioned, it is the coordination between mind and body.

How is become Slim? [Pancha Thantra]

•    Yoga – Mind control
•    Exercise – Body control
•    Taste – Mind control
•    Balanced food – Energy control
•    Winning attitude – Mind and body dedication

Yoga: First, you should remove the feeling that you are criticised for being fat. There may be many reasons to become fat, hereditary, medicines, Junk foods, physical exercise, Alcohol etc., Let us first bridge our mind and body with simple Yoga practices. The Pranayama is simple breath control exercise, which carries rich and clean oxygen to the brain. Few advantages on Pranayama, more active brain, emotional control, stimulated body condition, Psychological changes, improves digestive systems, and the list goes on. The simple yoga practice for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning keeps you energetic and stresses less.

Exercise: Most of us discuss and plan for daily exercise, and the planning goes on daily. We do not follow. We blame our surroundings, Society and illusionary world. The earth never changed its routine work. The four seasons not altered themselves. The sun and moon never relocated. However, we create an artificial busy imaginary world. How many of us using the bicycles [cheapest exercise machine] to go to market? Did we watch our garden at least once in a week! Dear all, make just five minutes of walk during your every hour of work. Use your legs or bicycles for the market. Play small games with friends and family. It burns your fat.

Taste: Mind control: nature produces food grains and vegetables based on climatic, soil and human race conditions. A sea fish cannot live in pond water; Desert Camel never prefers green valley but human? We do not adapt the nature, we go against and so as nature goes against us – resulting 
Obesity. The sudden change in the traditional way of food habits goes against our immunity. Occasionally tasting junk food does not affect much on us. However, everyone needs to have absolute control with his or her tongue before taking [food] and talking [words].

Balanced food: Energy control: Knocking the wrong door will result in the wrong answer. As mentioned Starving is, the first wrong way comes to mind.

Here are 7 more ways to get slim Naturally and Quickly

    become slim fast
  1. Drink plenty of water in a day minimum 3 liters
  2.  Native food where we live
  3. The basic combinations of food are Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat- you should get balance.
  4. Green vegetables and fresh fruits as snacks – keeps you energetic
  5. Close your eyes and nose when you see Junk foods. Of course, the mouth is the main gate.
  6. Use your dining table as Debit card [limited] not as Credit card [unlimited]
  7. Do not take any chemicals, medicines or shortcut to becoming slim

Take native food, follow your culture and live slim and smart.

Your attitude is the key success to slim down. Next Article : Yoga Vs. Aerobics for weight loss

Sun Tanning-Remedies to get rid of Sun Tan

Remedies to get rid of Sun Tan

Sun Tan Take A U-Turn

sun tanning tips-remedies
Remove Tan from face-src-gettyimage
Enjoy the sunshine, but limit your exposure and protect in a natural way. The Sun tan or Sunburn is nothing but Ultraviolet radiation of the sunlight, which darkens the skin when the skin is directly exposed for a long duration. The Ultra violet rays produce more Melanin in the body, which changes the color of skin darker or reddish. Naturally, the equatorial regions have high-level Ultraviolet radiations and gradually reduce towards poles. The clouds are the natural way of Ultraviolet protector, and clear sky allows more UV radiations. The radiation increases by 10 % when you reach every 1000 meters higher altitudes. The Ozone absorbs to some extent of Ultra violet rays. Hence, the ecologist tries to patch up Ozone zone.

Come on dear, this is too technical and threatening. Let us enjoy summer and plan on holidays. Let us play in parks, wander at Sea shores, visit jungles, and play cricket, anything goes. The moderate sun rays rich with Vitamin D is good for skin.

Make a U-Turn to Sun Tan

How do we care in “Natural way?”
Lemon Juice
•    The sugar added lemon juice can be applied on sun tan skin and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Wash the skin with pure and cool water. A cleansing agent sugar with bleaching Lemon juice gets you sparkling results in few weeks. You try this Lemon and sugar formula Thrice in a week to get faster results.
Yogurt Skin Paste:
•    Make One cup of Yogurt, 1 tomato, and cucumber ground paste, one cup of Gram Flour [besan] – mix it nicely. Apply on the sun tan skin allows it to dry for 45 minutes. Wash the skin with warm water, repeat daily or thrice in a week for thundering results.
Aloe Vera:
•    Apply Aloe Vera gel on the face and on sun tan skins allow it to dry for 5 to 6 hours. Wash with warm pure water. Wow, you will get a flashy face and silky skin.
•    The Natural Vitamin C rich potato is one of the natural bleaching vegetables. One skin peeled potato blended paste added with lemon juice is your Suntan cream. Apply gently on the suntanned skin allow drying under the shadow for 30 to 40 minutes. Then wash with cool water, you will get bleach free, sunburn free skin. Repeat for three days in a week to get faster and better remedy.
•    Make cucumber juice; add one tablespoon of lemon juice and the little turmeric. Stir properly and apply on sun tan skins, allow to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash with cool water. Watch your face. Wow, experience.
•    Milky Way: one cup of milk, a pinch of turmeric and spoon of lemon juice paste keeps your skin in Milky Way.

Stay Alert For Sun Tanning:
  • Avoid exposing your body during 11 noon to 3 pm direct to sun rays.
  • Check the location’s Ultraviolet Index, if it crosses over 7, take a shelter.
  • If the Ultraviolet Index crosses over 8, don’t take a risk of going outside without a hat, sunscreen, fully covered clothing.
  • These are very simple homemade natural remedies, which never affects your skin and purse. Please take care of sun tan, sometimes it may lead to skin cancer. Save the earth and live with nature.
Sun Tan Removal Tips In Hindi
Skin Care-Avocado For Face

Sun Tan Removal Tips In Hindi

Sun Tanning-Tips and Remedies in Hindi

sun tan tips in hindi
Sun-tanning-Tips in Hindi
सन टैन के घरेलू उपचार-Sun Tanning / Sun Burn
टैनिंग(tanning) से हमेशा के लिए छुटकारा 

How to make Sunscreen lotion/cream at home-सन टैन हटाने के उपाय
Watch this video to make sun screen at home

Beauty tips in Hindi
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