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Symptoms of Fertilization

Symptoms of Pregnancy or Fertilization

What does fertilization mean?

symptoms of pregnancy
Symptoms of Pregnancy or Fertilization
This is a biological process of initiating reproduction by insemination.Insemination is the introduction of male gamete or sperm into a female for the purpose of fertilizing the female for sexual reproduction. The fusion of sperm-the male sex cell with the egg or female sex cell to form an embryo is called fertilization.

The average menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days although most of women's menstrual periods are variable. It cane be short as 24 days or as long as 35 days. So most of women get worried when their period is late.Pregnancy is  not the only reason for women to have a late period.

If you missed your period then there are may be so many other reasons like stress,illness,change in medications,being underweight or overweight, miscalculation of menstrual cycle or irregular monthly period. And finally Pregnancy-
Oh! Yes you have missed period might be because you are pregnant. Then what to do next? You should make a prenatal(relating to pregnancy)appointment with your doctor.

The common symptoms of fertilization or pregnancy are a missed period, tender or wollen breasts, prickling ot tingling nipples,spotting and cramping,feeling lazy and sick, ,feeling tired,darker nipples,intense desire to consume a specific food or  different from natural hunger which is also called food craving during pregnancy.
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