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Physical Fitness Tips-How to stay fit

How you stay fit in the excessive and busy schedule
How to eat more--Exercise less--lose weight weight
Is it very difficult to stay fit when on a time-crunched schedule.You don't even have time to talk with your family members,read news paper or watch TV anymore.So how can you expect to fit working out into your busy schedule ? Life moves very fast in this digital era.It is question of managing your time and question of interest and of course question of changing your life habit.It's all about prioritizing.You have to incorporate with all of those day to day life.
how to stay fit-physical fitness
Simple Principles to stay fit - you might want to take:

Tips to stay fit-No Matter how busy you are !

  • eat lot of fruits 
  • give time to do work out

Use it then lose it.If you  use your body then you can surely lose weight. Body inactivity is as much as health risk as drinking alcohol, eating tobacco or smoking. So regular exercise is very important program in our day to day life.

  • always prefer balanced diet

Well balanced diet is the foundation of good health and to stay fit always.

  • don't skip breakfast
  • sleep properly

Our body is planned or organised for at least 7 hrs of sleep

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