Baby Foot and Hand Casting Design

Photos of Baby Hand Foot Cast

baby foot hand cast

3D Sculptures of hands and feet of babies by Alignate hand mould.Alignate is an elastic and irreversible hydrocolloid impression material.Where can you get Alignate and Plaster of Paris (P.O.P)-From dentist or any shops selling dental products.
Baby Hand Print and Foot Prints
Video of 3D Life Casting of Baby Palm

How To Stitch a Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez Stitching and Cutting

Follow this simple stitching method to stitch or sew a Salwar Kameez
From the introduction of fabric cloth buying to complete finished outfit.
By this video you will learn from basic tips to a complete outfit of Salwar Kameez with easy measurement and sewing instructions.

Cutting- Mark the measurement on the fold of cloth.

Benefits of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

Umbilical Cord Blood

What is Stem Cells

Stem cells have capable of renewing themselves through the process of cell division. It is the  undifferentiated cell which have potential to develop into many different type of cells in the body with a more specialized function such as muscle cell, blood cell or brain cell.It can repair damaged tissues.
umbilical cord blood

Cord Blood Can Save Lives
The blood within umbilical cord of newborn baby contains stem cells. This blood is called umbilical cord blood.This blood collected because it is rich in hematopoitic stem cells which could be used to treat life-
threatening diseases like Leukemia (blood cancer), Lymphomas, Other disorder of blood cell, Bone marrow cancers, inherited metabolic disorder, Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn's Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, cardiovascular (heart)diseases like congenital heart defects (birth defects), limb ischemia, neurological disease like spinal cord injury, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease, Orthopedic disease like 
cartilage repair and cleft plate repair,Genetic or inherited disorders like canavan disease,cystic fibrosis,sickle cell anemia, thalassemia etc.
cord blood banking benefits

Reasons to Preserve Cord Blood and Benefits of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
Why should you save your baby's umbilical cord blood ?Ensure your baby's life will be a healthy and happy one.
The umbilical cord blood is being used on an experimental basis as a source of stem cells,as an alternative to bone marrow or circulating blood. The other two sources viz.bone marrow and circulating blood exist in all healthy human being. But cord blood which is another important source of stem cells can only be harvested at birth. It can morph into all sorts of other blood cells. These are ultimate source for treating diseases that harm the blood and immune system.So it is a potential gold mine for the treatment of these diseases.

Symptoms of Fertilization

Symptoms of Pregnancy or Fertilization

What does fertilization mean?

symptoms of pregnancy
Symptoms of Pregnancy or Fertilization
This is a biological process of initiating reproduction by insemination.Insemination is the introduction of male gamete or sperm into a female for the purpose of fertilizing the female for sexual reproduction. The fusion of sperm-the male sex cell with the egg or female sex cell to form an embryo is called fertilization.

The average menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days although most of women's menstrual periods are variable. It cane be short as 24 days or as long as 35 days. So most of women get worried when their period is late.Pregnancy is  not the only reason for women to have a late period.

If you missed your period then there are may be so many other reasons like stress,illness,change in medications,being underweight or overweight, miscalculation of menstrual cycle or irregular monthly period. And finally Pregnancy-
Oh! Yes you have missed period might be because you are pregnant. Then what to do next? You should make a prenatal(relating to pregnancy)appointment with your doctor.

The common symptoms of fertilization or pregnancy are a missed period, tender or wollen breasts, prickling ot tingling nipples,spotting and cramping,feeling lazy and sick, ,feeling tired,darker nipples,intense desire to consume a specific food or  different from natural hunger which is also called food craving during pregnancy.
Lear more How to avoid pregnancy naturally-Family Planing Method
Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy
How affects alcohol and smoking during this time
Uterine fibroid is a non cancerous
Cord Blood

Physical Fitness Tips-How to stay fit

How you stay fit in the excessive and busy schedule
How to eat more--Exercise less--lose weight weight
Is it very difficult to stay fit when on a time-crunched schedule.You don't even have time to talk with your family members,read news paper or watch TV anymore.So how can you expect to fit working out into your busy schedule ? Life moves very fast in this digital era.It is question of managing your time and question of interest and of course question of changing your life habit.It's all about prioritizing.You have to incorporate with all of those day to day life.
how to stay fit-physical fitness
Simple Principles to stay fit - you might want to take:

Tips to stay fit-No Matter how busy you are !

  • eat lot of fruits 
  • give time to do work out

Use it then lose it.If you  use your body then you can surely lose weight. Body inactivity is as much as health risk as drinking alcohol, eating tobacco or smoking. So regular exercise is very important program in our day to day life.

  • always prefer balanced diet

Well balanced diet is the foundation of good health and to stay fit always.

  • don't skip breakfast
  • sleep properly

Our body is planned or organised for at least 7 hrs of sleep

Daily Calorie Requirement

Estimated Calorie Requirements

Now-a-days everybody are health conscious. We eat, drink, do physical exercise and also have few life style changes with respect to some dietician or gym trainer. It’s a good thing that health awareness is escalating among us like a fire in a forest. Many people use to have diet control, do physical exercise, born calories in gyms, morning walks, jogging, cycling, yoga Etc.

But we have to follow certain rules and regulations in order to stay feet. It’s not pretty difficult task for us to follow such guidelines, but we have prioritize on our fitness. "Health is Wealth" - It should be our mantra.

How many calories you should be burning everyday ?

  • An average man needs 2500 calories a day and an average woman needs 2000 calories. So we should consume an average range of calories per day. Not so huge amount nor too less amount.
  • If you eat or drink too much, than you will put on weight. If less, than you'll lose weight.
  • Make sure that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.
  • Our stomach is divided into 4 parts. Two parts of it should intake food, one part for water and the other for air. If we take huge amount of food and our stomach is entirely occupied, than where will be the place for water & air? As a result it will not function/digest properly. So an average quantity of food is sufficient. 

calorie requirements
Eat Breakfast Like A King
Health Mantra!
A very important quote said by Adelle Davis (1904-1974): 
"Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a pauper".

What does it mean ?
The biggest meal of the day should be breakfast in the morning, as it provides energy for the workday. Calories in food eaten earlier of the day as breakfast are processed more effeciently than those foods eaten at lunch & dinner. This not only gives more energy, but it also helps in reducing weight.

Black Lips and Reasons of Discoloration

Beauty Tips For Black Lip

black lip discoloration
Black Lips Treatment/Remedies
There are many factors that can cause your lips to turn black including sun exposure,humid temperature re,other causes like UV rays, allergies, smoking, caffeine intake,weak blood circulation,using low quality lipstick,lip balm,chap sticks,bad weather and hormonal imbalances.
Say NO to smoking
Lips turn black... due to lack of proper care as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.
Cigarettes have been delivering more nicotine which causes darkening of the lip and this is also a reason of lip discoloration. Otherwise smoking has long known to cause cancer and cardiac diseases.  say NO to smoking.

Say NO to excess consumption of Tea and Coffee
Excessive intake of tea or coffee can lead to turn your beautiful pinkish lips black color.

Overexposure to the sun also causes lip darkening. To protect your lips, select a lip balm products with SPF/UV 30 protectors.Some lipstick contain harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients.

Video On Dark Lips to Pink-Natural Home Remedies

  • How to Apply Blush
  • Skin Care-Avocado For Face
  • Beauty Tips-Face Care
  • Winter Care For Dry Skin

How to Apply Blush

Apply Blush-Make up Tips

Here are a few make up tips and tricks  secrets for this cold winter month to look as beautiful and attractive as ever.You have to know what make ups flatter you and how much to or how to apply it so that it looks more gorgeous,beautiful and natural.
how to apply blush

Meaning of Blushing

Blush adds color to your cheeks and to make your beautiful face a rosy glow. Blush can be your beauty secret weapon.So don't try to avoid applying blush on your beautiful face.
Where to Apply It
Applying blush contours and elucidate your cheek bones.The technique you apply you blush can highlights your perfect attribute.So apply blush according to your face shape.You should know your face shape first.
Video-How to Apply Blush the Right Way

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