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How to reduce Tummy Fat

Tips to reduce Tummy Fat / Belly Fat

reduce tummy fat-how to
How to reduce Belly Fat

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Accumulation of  fat or visceral fat around stomach or belly is known as abdominal obesity or central obesity. In this blog post, we will discuss how to reduce belly fat with lots of important healthy tips :
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There is an important connection between abdominal obesity with different type of major and life threatening disease like cardiovascular or heart disease,two types of diabetes. It also increases in greater amount risk of blood pressure. Subcutaneous fat is one type of fat which we can see under the skin in the buttocks,thighs and hips. But fat can store in another way which we can't see. These types are present around the organs like heart, lungs , digestive tract and other organs of the body like chest,abdomen and pelvis.These type of fats are called hidden or visceral fat which may be create bigger problem for you.This is totally unhealthy type.

How to get rid of Visceral Fat ? Read about this article in our NEXT PAGE.
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