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Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back Pain Causes and Exercises

Why it is the target area for pain?
Now a days pain in the lower back is a common complaint or a health problem. It is not a disease but may be a symptoms of some other diseases and often no specific cause will be found. Back pain can affect people of any age although it is more common among people aged between 35 to 60 years.
lower back pain causes and exercises
Photos of Different type of  Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back-Why it is the target area for pain?

Weight of the upper body part puts loads on the lower back.S o it is subject to a so much mechanical stress and strain.It is linked to the lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, spinal ligaments discs, nerve and spinal cord, abdominal and pelvic organs.
 Lower Back Pain-Common Causes
-Muscle spasm
-Muscl strain or ligament strain
-Lifting a heavy objects
-Sudden body movement or body twisting

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Everyone have back condition is unique.So if you are feel pain during any other movements then stop immediately to do exercise.First start to breath deeply.It causes muscle to relax and to calm your whole nervous system.So remember to do deep breathing.

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