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Gestational Diabetes-During Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes-Symptoms

gestational diabetes symptoms
Women can still have healthy babies who is having diabetes during pregnancy time. But first let me describe why some women get diabetes during pregnancy?

Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes.It occurs for the first time when woman get pregnant and who were not diabetic before but have high blood sugar levels during gestational period(GD). It affects about 4-5 % of all pregnant women.

 Gestational Diabetes-Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms are not noticeable or symptoms may be mild but not life threatening to the pregnant woman. After delivery the blood glucose level usually comes to normal.Even so then it is an early sign that she has developed a greater risk of diabetes later in her life.
Symptoma may include
-Frequent urination
-High blodd pressure
-Unusual thirst
-Having dry mouth
-Weight loss despite increased appetite
-Frequent infection in vagina,bladder and skin such as thrush(yeast infection)
GD Diet Risk Factors and Treatments will be discussed in next article
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