Zumba Dance For Fitness

Video of Zumba Dance

In 1990, Choreographer and Dancer Alberto of Colombia created ZUMBA dance fitness program which involves dance and aerobic exercises using upbeat Latin music together with different types of cardiovascular exercises. Zumba means to move fast and have fun. It's very easy to learn. Now a days it is became more popular as 15 million people take this classes across the world.
zumba dance fitness and weight loss

But is Zumba Good for Weight Loss?

If you enjoy dance with music and like to try querky and energetic moves, zumba can help you to improve your better fitness.Now zumba dancing for fitness became the celebrity's latest workout trend as so many hollywood and bollywood celebrities like Jenifer Lopez, Kristey Alley, Jackie Chan doing these classes as part of their regualr workout. So why not you?Watch out this video to learn easy steps .

Zumba Dance For Beginners
Aerobic Exercises-Fitness Tips and Video
Zumba Dance for weightloss

Tips to reduce Belly Fat

Get Rid Of Belly Fat

reduce belly fat

Belly Fat-Oh ! The one thing standing between you and your favorite T-Shirt. But stressing about this is not going to help you at all. 

Stress-a fact of fat

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain ?

Did you know stress is main culprit for secretion of cortisol with high levels. Your belly or stomach is heavily influenced by many types of hormones. That means exercising and proper dieting is not enough to reduce your belly fat. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by Adrenal glands.It is also otherwise known as stress hormone.If you tend to gain stomach fat and can not rid of it that's means your stomach is secreting too 
much of cortisol. It increases the flow of glucose as well as fat and protein out of your body cells and into the blood stream and to be used as an energy source whenever the body is put under stress. And that time it suppresse the immune system and promotea fat metabolism as well as protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

How to reduce Tummy Fat

Tips to reduce Tummy Fat / Belly Fat

reduce tummy fat-how to
How to reduce Belly Fat

Waist Loss Tips

Accumulation of  fat or visceral fat around stomach or belly is known as abdominal obesity or central obesity. In this blog post, we will discuss how to reduce belly fat with lots of important healthy tips :
Can Stress Cause Weight Gain ?
There is an important connection between abdominal obesity with different type of major and life threatening disease like cardiovascular or heart disease,two types of diabetes. It also increases in greater amount risk of blood pressure. Subcutaneous fat is one type of fat which we can see under the skin in the buttocks,thighs and hips. But fat can store in another way which we can't see. These types are present around the organs like heart, lungs , digestive tract and other organs of the body like chest,abdomen and pelvis.These type of fats are called hidden or visceral fat which may be create bigger problem for you.This is totally unhealthy type.

How to get rid of Visceral Fat ? Read about this article in our NEXT PAGE.
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Uterine Fibroid is a Non-Cancerous

Uterus fibroid is a benign tumor

That means uterus fibroid is non cancerous. Benign tumor is a group of cells that lacks of ability to attack neighboring cells .So all the characteristics are not present which are required to be called a cancerous tissues or tumor. So there for all benign tumors are non cancerous.

Uterine fibroid is characterized by fibrous tissue developing in the wall of the uterus (womb) . Actually it originate from the muscle layer of uterus called myometrium. These are usually round or semi round in shape.
These type of fibroids also called as uterine leiomyoma, myoma, fibromyoma  or fibroleiomyoma .

Symptoms of Fibroid in Uterus

Most of the women having uterine fibroids are asymptomatic. They do not cause symptoms or any type of problems. So woman with a fibroid is usually unaware of its existence.


Slimming Tips

Obesity and Overweight

People who are physical inactive or obese or overweight are possible to promote coronary heart disaese ,diabetes ,high blood pressure ,abnormal blood fats ,reproductive problems ,Osteoarthritis and other so many life threatening diseases. It can raise  blood pressure and cholesterol level in blood .They are more likely to develop diabetes.
get slim fast

Tips to get Slim Fast

-Should miss breakfast
-Drink plenty of water-it's the best trick to beating bloat so that you can easily flush out everything
-Avoid soft drinks having soda beacuse sodium is a big contributor to bloat
-Avoid to eat chocolate,chips,noodles like junk food. You can not imagine how much calorie you save by eating like these type of oily and fast food.So avoid these as much as possible.Sauces,dressings,mayonese also can add hundreds of calories each day.
-Fiber food keeps caloies under control.So it is advisable to take seasonal fruits green vegetables.Eat whole grained bread instaed of white bread and pasta.
-It is better to cut down your food intake rather than skipping meals.
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Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes

Chicken Breast Recipe-Grilled Stuffed

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast With Saffron Cheese Sauce

healthy chicken breast recipe grilled and stuffed
Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast-Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken breasts-4
Potatoes(boiled and smashed)
Salt-to taste
Pepper powder-to taste
Oil-to deep fry
Spinach(shredded and Fried)-1 bunch
Grated Cheese-1/4 cup
Green olives(sliced)-5
Black olives(sliced)-5
Olive oil-1tbsp
Red pepper(cubed)-1
Yellow pepper-2-3 strands
-Take chicken breast.Slit from one side,open it out and flatten with the blunt side of a knife.Apply a little salt and pepper powder.
-For the stuffing mix grated cheese,black olives,green olives,asparagus,pepper powder and fresh cream.
-Place this mixture over the chicken breastsKeep asparagus heads on top of the stuffing.Roll the chicken breasts tightly.
-Smear olive oil in a pan and cook the grilled chicken till it becomes golden brown in colour.
-Take olive oil in a pan.Add capsicum,yellow pepper powder.Mix well.
-For the sauce,take cream in a pan.Add saffron and cheese.Mix and cook on slow heat for two minutes.
-Arrange the chicken breasts on a plate.Pour sauce on it and garnish with sauteed capsicum and asparagus,potato rosettes,khakra,spring onion and crispy fried shredded spinach.
-Serve hot.

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back Pain Causes and Exercises

Why it is the target area for pain?
Now a days pain in the lower back is a common complaint or a health problem. It is not a disease but may be a symptoms of some other diseases and often no specific cause will be found. Back pain can affect people of any age although it is more common among people aged between 35 to 60 years.
lower back pain causes and exercises
Photos of Different type of  Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back-Why it is the target area for pain?

Weight of the upper body part puts loads on the lower back.S o it is subject to a so much mechanical stress and strain.It is linked to the lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, spinal ligaments discs, nerve and spinal cord, abdominal and pelvic organs.
 Lower Back Pain-Common Causes
-Muscle spasm
-Muscl strain or ligament strain
-Lifting a heavy objects
-Sudden body movement or body twisting

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Everyone have back condition is unique.So if you are feel pain during any other movements then stop immediately to do exercise.First start to breath deeply.It causes muscle to relax and to calm your whole nervous system.So remember to do deep breathing.

Salwar Suits Neck Designs

Photos of Salwar Suits Neck Designs

salwar suits neck designs

If your shopping for womens Salwar Kurta or Salwar suits then you have come to the right place.Check here latest designs of Ladies salwar kameez dress designs photos for any type of accasion with variety of designs and colors.You can search latest and trendy unique,fashionable and quality salwar kameez neck designs here.Find different shades and colors and buy online.

Neck Style of Salwar Kameez

Food Poisoning-Treatment

Food Poisoning Causes and Symptoms

food poisoning causes
Although food poisoning is a common health problem but yet it is distressing .Sometimes it is very life-
threatening problem for millions of people in some countries like America (U.S). 

Causes of Food Poisoning

Due to contaminated food or water with bacteria,parasites or different types of toxins consumptions produced  by these germs  causes the food poisoning. These toxins are released in the food before it is eaten and makes you ill after digesting the food .But the Staphylococcus or Entamoeba coli like common bacteria is the main culprit.

Food get contaminated from sanitaion,unhygenic places where food prepared,packaged food if not stored in correct temperature also aggravate contamination. Sometimes our hands look clean but still they carry germs.Coughing and sneezing without cover our hands and nose may also spread germs. We shouls not mishandling of food during food preparation and also during cooking.

Biological contamination which comes from harmful micro organisms like virus,protozoa,moulds,yeast like  bacteria is the most dangerous kind of contamination.

Gestational Diabetes-During Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes-Symptoms

gestational diabetes symptoms
Women can still have healthy babies who is having diabetes during pregnancy time. But first let me describe why some women get diabetes during pregnancy?

Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes.It occurs for the first time when woman get pregnant and who were not diabetic before but have high blood sugar levels during gestational period(GD). It affects about 4-5 % of all pregnant women.

 Gestational Diabetes-Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms are not noticeable or symptoms may be mild but not life threatening to the pregnant woman. After delivery the blood glucose level usually comes to normal.Even so then it is an early sign that she has developed a greater risk of diabetes later in her life.
Symptoma may include
-Frequent urination
-High blodd pressure
-Unusual thirst
-Having dry mouth
-Weight loss despite increased appetite
-Frequent infection in vagina,bladder and skin such as thrush(yeast infection)
GD Diet Risk Factors and Treatments will be discussed in next article
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Alcohol and Smoking During Pregnancy-How Affects?

Alcohol and Smoking-How is it so dangerous during Pregnancy ?

It is advisable for women not to take too much  alcohol or smoking cigarrete during pregnancy because these have potential to cause brain damage to their baby or other brain defects .There is no doubt abundant and even  moderate drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette during pregnancy damaging.

Why you may be aware dangerous of smoking,drugs,alcohol and caffeine during pregnancy?These substances can interfere with your body during pregnancy.Drinking for instance can reduce your  ability to conceive.

It is not exactly clear just how much you need to consume before your fertility is affected. The excessive drinking can lead to an early miscarriage.If you trying to conceive at the very least reduce your alcohol intake to not more than 1 to 2 units per week which is equal to glass of wine.Like alcohol smoking can affect your fertility. Cigarrete can lower the quantity and quality of your eggs.Egg exposed to nicotine have greater way developing abnormalities.If your partner smokes tell him to quit too since nicotine also affect the quality of the sperm.

Drugs can also lower your fertility and the quality of your eggs.Using drugs during pregnancy can seriously harm your child so its best to kick your habit before u get pregnant.
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Winter Care For Dry Skin

How To Take Care For Dry Skin in Winter

dry skin care in winter season
 Winter is a bane for people who have dry skin – skin cracking ( known as flaking ), itchiness and stiffness is the common ailment they face and neglect of daily care easily leads to habitual dehydration, with sensitive skins and red patches.

Winter comes with low temperatures, low humidity and gusty winds that deplete skin of its natural lipid layer, responsible for keeping the skin moist. Exposure to fire and other heating sources ( so as to avoid the cold weather ) also suck the skin moisture out of the body. To keep skin soft and supple, objective should be to keep the moisture in rather to add moisture to skin. Few useful tips that can help you do this.

Tips and Remedies For Dry Skin

1) As experts suggest give some extra care to your skin by keeping it hydrated from within and moisturized from outside. Winter is brutal on our skin as cold temperatures often mean low humidity, and that dries out the skin. Skin looks dull and lacks luster on dryness. Hence it is essential to keep the skin hydrated and refill the lost moisture.

2) Hydration is vital for a healthy functioning of the system and a boost to youthful-looking skin. ‘Skin Hydration can be in two ways – internally by drinking lot of water and by taking oil supplements, and externally, by using products that hydrate and moisturize the body.

3) Shower heat may warm you up on a chilly winter morning, but it can actually make dry skin worse. Hot water absorbs the skin of its natural moisture, where as warm showers and baths protect our skin and hair.

4) Cleanser containing Aloe Vera  cactus and lemon are advisable as Aloe Vera has the power to restore moisture and has potent healing properties too. It works as an anti-oxidant helps in speed up cell-renewal process. It further helps in softening and removing dead cells, accelerates cell regeneration and delays ageing.

5) For very dry skin - Avoid using soap if your skin is very dry and dehydrated. A Turmeric cream with lemon extract protects the skin from further moisture depletion and softens the skin. The healing property of turmeric soothes and sure dehydrated skin. Hence it is advisable to apply a lemon-turmeric cream before washing or bathing.

6)  Apply body lotion after a bath as the skin is damp after the bath and it helps in sealing the moisture in the skin. The skin retains the moisture for a longer period ad the body lotion seals the pores on the skin.

Researchers from a Top American University suggests to avoid taking a daily hot shower as it removes skin’s natural protective oils. Sticking to rich cream based soap is more desirable than antibacterial soaps during winter cold. 

7) Use a Facial Mask for Dry Skin

You don’t need to spend big $$$ on a facial mask or a facial at a spa when you can make your own using ingredients in your kitchen? There are wonderful homemade facial therapy that works wonder on dry skin and cost nothing compared to your visit to the neighborhood saloon.
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