How do hair products cause hair loss?

Over use of hair products cause hair loss?

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Over use of hair products like gels, creams, and mousses can cause hair loss.Even over use of drugs also cause hair loss by interfering with the regular cycle of scalp hair growth. 

Anagen,Catagen and Telogen-these are the phases of hair growth cycle where each hair passes through these. On the last phase-telophase,the old hair falls out and new hair is replaced.

Excessive washing of hair does not harm hair.You can wash as often as you like. But 3 times per week is highly recommended,especially in air polluted region. Hard water can dull your hair and clog the scalp.

Deep conditioner,oil are not recommended for daily use.It can cause damage to the hair and scalp. Shampoo.Conditioner and even also oil should be selected according to the nature of hairs.

Use the right amount of shampoo and other hair products

It is necessary to use right quantity of shampoo or other products to prevent excessive hair falls.The amount of shampoo or conditioner will vary with hair texture and of course hair length.Always read properly the given instructions,chemical compositions and expiry dates before using any products. Quarter size or 2.5 cm circle is the average amount is recommended if your hair length is normal.If you have short hair,then you can use less amount(1.5cm circle).If you have very longer hair then 4cm circle sized is advisable.But brush your hair before washing your hair to avoid tangling. Do not massage the shampoo into the scalp with your finger nail but with finger tips.

New Year Resolution For Student

Self-Discipline for Success

Be Disciplined
Discipline is a way of training especially of the mind and character. A student is a learner.He has to learn a lot of things in his life.Students should not be led away by their passions. They should always follow their good sense.They should try to gain experience from their past, be active in the present and prepare themselves for the future. Discipline is the key to success.

Students are the future citizens of the country. They will prove themselves useful only if they are trained well through discipline.School is the right place where students should be exposed to the ways of discipline.They should learn how to respect their parents,teachers and elders. They should pay attention to studies. If they are not serious in class, they will not be able to acquire knowledge. Their carelessness and disobedience may lead them to indiscipline and thus spoil their career. If they are disciplined, they will turn into worthy citizens of the nation.

Now the present generation of students who are the future citizens,should learn discipline and help the country grow in stature