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Anti Aging Tips-Face Skin Treatment

Face Skin Treatment For Aging Skin

Tips for Face Skin-Treatment / Remedies

Firstly-you have to know your skin type. It is very necessary in order to make correct decision about right face skin care and treatment whether the treatment is suitable for you or not.
katrina kaif-face skin treatment
Face Skin Treatment

There are basically 5 types of face skin-oily,dry type,normal skin type,sensitive skin type or combination skin types.
Dry Skin
People with dry face skin need richer moisturizers.It's upto you which moisturizer cream brand you trust more.This type of skin lacks of lipid.So it can develop wrinkles and fine pores easily.So dry skin is very prone to aging. Over exposure to the sun is a cause of dry skin.
Sensitive Skin
One wrong move or one wrong facial product can damage your lovely face skin. Because this skin can be terrible allergic to some beauty products.
Oily Skin
People with oily skin usually experience clogged and dirty skin pores,pimple and acne,very much shiny skin

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