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Repair Your Hair With Olive Oil

Here is the simple solution to repair hair with Olive Oil

hair treatment with hot olive oil
Olive Oil for Hair

DTH hormone is mainly responsible for hair loss in Males.Frequent hair treatment also another cause of hair fall or damage. So olive oil is the best option for hair growth and it prevents hair fall. It makes hair shiny,moisturized and frizzy free.

Hot Olive Oil Treatment for Hair

First heat up about half small bowl of oil . Make sure it should not be over heated. You can add Rosemary oil on it as it helps to shine hair. Then massage your hair gently and carefully for few minutes-you should start from the root of hair.Then wait for at least half an hour before you wash your hair.

You can try another recipe for hair treatment.
The ingredients are half cup oive oil, 5-6 drops frakincense essential oil and one plastic bag forcovering head.

Procedure- Pour these two oil into a glass bottle in prescribed quantity. Shake well to mix up the frakincense essential oil throughly on that.Keep this glass bottle in a dark place for one day.Dont forget shake the bottle again before use.By using your finger tips massage this mixture into the root/scalp in a circular motion. Then put a plastic bag over your head and allow the oil to remain for at least half an hour. Then wash your hair with branded shampoo with conditioner.

Olive oil can be used in treatment of  scalp problem , split ends and frizzy hair

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