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Indian Hot Oil Massage for Dry Hair

Hot Oil Massage For Healthy Hair

Oil should be lighly warm.Either gingerly oil ,coconut oil or any medicated oil could be used. Apply oil on the sclp gently with the finger tip.This procedure has to be done for twenty minutes.

Are you losing your hair too quickly?

Watch Video-Ayurvedic Head and Hair Massage

Hot Oil massage on hair is very good treatment for any type of hair problem like coarse or medium hair. It helps to circulate blood to all part of your scalp which enriches scalp and hair follicles with essential nutrients .Due to warm hair massaging hair becomes moisturised ,healthy and strong and scalp gets extra conditioning.
If you love your hair very much then you have to follow the regular oil massage routine.

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So follow the instruction (in video) for a perfect hot oil massage for your hair-

Amla (gooseberry) or Almond oil is best hot oil massage but there are lot of different oils.
-Coconut oil is good for medium texture
-Olive and Canola oil is great on very dry and coarse hair
-Argan oil works on fine hair
-Jojoba oil can be use
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