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How Dangerous is High Blood Sugar


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease in which the body's blood glucose (sugar) level remains high. Normally, the body breaks down food into glucose and carries it to cells throughout the body. The cells in the human body use a hormone called Insulin which converts this glucose to produce energy.
There are three main types of diabetes like 1) Type 1 2) Type 2 and 3) Gestational diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes, the body doesn't make enough insulin. As a result, the glucose from the food remains in the body and causes the blood sugar level to rise. This type of diabetes is usually found in children and young adults.

In type 2 diabetes, the body's cells don't use insulin properly (a condition called insulin resistance). At first, the body reacts by making more insulin. Over time, though, the body can't make enough insulin to control its blood sugar level. So essentially in this form, there is no effective use of insulin is not the body. Usually found in people in the age group of 50 or above. However, recently found to be occurring in people of younger age as well.  

Diabetes can affect many major organs in your body, leading to an array of serious complications if left untreated. Few medical problems that we can have owing to elevated sugar levels are :

-Cardiovascular disease (CVD), or heart disease, including peripheral artery disease (PAD) and stroke.
-Renal (kidney) Disease – Prolong diabetes can damage the kidney and lead to kidney failure.
-Unhealthy cholesterol levels, which can lead to atherosclerosis.
-Metabolic syndrome
-Blindness – High degree of diabetes may lead to blindness in the eyes and vision-related problems.
-Nerve disease – Neuro related problems may arise due to diabetes.
-Limb Infections - Infections of the feet and problems with blood flow to the feet may be due to diabetes.
-Skin Disorder - Skin problems are sometimes the first sign that someone has diabetes.

An independent study had revealed that the majority of people with diabetes are the ones who don’t have effective control on their cholesterol levels, thus putting them at increased risk of heart disease.

Statistically, about 3.7 million people in the UK have diabetes. The majority - about 90% - have Type 2 diabetes where the body makes too little insulin or where it fails to make it properly. In those with Type 1 diabetes, the body cannot produce any insulin at all.

The IDF ( International Diabetes Federation) estimates that there are 246 million adults with diabetes. The highest prevalence rates are found in North America (9.2 per cent) and Europe (8.4 per cent). The five countries will the largest numbers of people with diabetes are India, China, the United States, Russia and Germany.

The number of people with diabetes is expected to increase alarmingly in the coming decades, rising to 380 million people in 2025. Increased urbanization, adoption of western influence and rapid economic development in developing countries have already contributed to a substantial rise in diabetes.

Best Way To Control Diabetes

The best way to control diabetes is by means of regular exercise, controlled food habits and refraining from alcohol. If you feel your diabetes is not manageable, and you are serious about controlling it, manage the types of foods you prefer to eat and timing of meals and snacks as well as keeping exercise a daily routine of your day, you can definitely overcome the undesirable problems of diabetes and live a healthy and long life. Your health and happiness are an asset to your family and friends. Keep your near and dear ones happy by keeping yourself happy.

Watch out this space for the next blog post on “ Why are people with diabetes at increased risk for CVD ( Cardio Vascular Disease ) ”?

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