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Right Treatment n Causes of Headache

Headache-Causes and Treatment

The right treatment can be advised if we can identify the type of headache.Tension headache is very common type.You can find the causes of this type of headache.Some advisors says it is due to muscle contraction.But still the reason is not clear understood.

Treatment of Tension Headache

But dont worry.Fortunately treatment of tension headache is possible.It's common symptoms is tightness, band like tight or pressure around head basically forhead.This headache may persists from half an hour to few days.

Due to insufficient sleep, rough posture or mental stree,tension headache may be caused.Hunger and anxiety may be the reason for this.

You can treat the headache by taking pain reliever balm or muscle relaxants. Take sufficient rest during this time.
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Sinus Headache

The symptoms are constant pain on cheekbones or forhead or on nose bridge. The pain usually starts suddenly by head movement.The other symptoms are facial swelling, watery discharge from nasal passage etc.It is very important to determine the type of headache whether it is actually caused by sinus or not.

Doctor may be prescribe you antibiotics or short period for antihistamines (such as Benadryl) or any decongestants. Drinking more liquid can be helpfulin treating sinus headache.

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