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Dry Fruits and Its Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Dry fruits

dry fruits health benefits
Walnuts-Health Benefits
Dry fruits like cashew nuts or kaju,walnuts,almond,raisin,pista,dates,peanuts,hajel nuts etc are the good source of all types of nutrients. They are rich in important and very essential minerals that's why these have so much medicinal value.It is also easy to digest.So most peple prefer to eat as these are having essential  minerals and medicinal properties.

Benefits of Raisins

You can use raising during constipation.Anemic people can also take because it is also good source of Iron (Fe)

Benefits of Almonds

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Almonds are rich in iron,copper,phosphorous and vitamin B1.So it helps in development of new blodd cells.It is also responsible for well functioning of all vital organs of our body. You can use it as a beauty product by applying its  paste with milk cream over the face for glowing and soft skin.Almond oil also releives headache and it's also avery god hair tonic for diffrent type of hair problems.

Benefits of Walnuts

You can find Omega3 fatty acids only in this nut.As we know omega 3 fattyacid helps to lower triglycerides in our body.For your kind information -too much triglecerides in our body may harmful for heart's health.

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