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Rural Housing Construction Technology

Low Cost Rural Housing Technologies

Housing technology for the rural areas:
 Concrete houses are becoming more popular in the rural areas.But beacause the people in these areas do not get engineers to plan for these houses they are suseptible to earthquake and other natural disasters.
low cost rural housing technology

The 2001  census places the rural housing shortage figured in India at 148 lakhs. In the light of this it is now being planned that by the year 2014 that 1.2 crore houses would be built in the rural areas in our country. Suresh G Dubey,Chief Scientist and Nodal Officer RSW Net Central Building Reserach Institute, Roorkey informed  that his organisation has come out with new technology for making mud wall stronger and thatch used for making roof fire resistant.Centarl Building Research Institute Roorkey has developed many technology which are cost effective and innovative particularly to suit the housing in the rural areas .The main technology that institute had developed could be grouped into 4 distinct groove when is improved rural mud housing technology.

Cost Effective Rural Housing Construction Technology

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