How do hair products cause hair loss?

Over use of hair products cause hair loss?

hair fall cause of product
Hair Loss Causes
Hair Sheddings-Repair and Treatment
Indian Hot Oil Massage
Repair Your Hair with Olive Oil
Over use of hair products like gels, creams, and mousses can cause hair loss.Even over use of drugs also cause hair loss by interfering with the regular cycle of scalp hair growth. 

Anagen,Catagen and Telogen-these are the phases of hair growth cycle where each hair passes through these. On the last phase-telophase,the old hair falls out and new hair is replaced.

Excessive washing of hair does not harm hair.You can wash as often as you like. But 3 times per week is highly recommended,especially in air polluted region. Hard water can dull your hair and clog the scalp.

Deep conditioner,oil are not recommended for daily use.It can cause damage to the hair and scalp. Shampoo.Conditioner and even also oil should be selected according to the nature of hairs.

Use the right amount of shampoo and other hair products

It is necessary to use right quantity of shampoo or other products to prevent excessive hair falls.The amount of shampoo or conditioner will vary with hair texture and of course hair length.Always read properly the given instructions,chemical compositions and expiry dates before using any products. Quarter size or 2.5 cm circle is the average amount is recommended if your hair length is normal.If you have short hair,then you can use less amount(1.5cm circle).If you have very longer hair then 4cm circle sized is advisable.But brush your hair before washing your hair to avoid tangling. Do not massage the shampoo into the scalp with your finger nail but with finger tips.

New Year Resolution For Student

Self-Discipline for Success

Be Disciplined
Discipline is a way of training especially of the mind and character. A student is a learner.He has to learn a lot of things in his life.Students should not be led away by their passions. They should always follow their good sense.They should try to gain experience from their past, be active in the present and prepare themselves for the future. Discipline is the key to success.

Students are the future citizens of the country. They will prove themselves useful only if they are trained well through discipline.School is the right place where students should be exposed to the ways of discipline.They should learn how to respect their parents,teachers and elders. They should pay attention to studies. If they are not serious in class, they will not be able to acquire knowledge. Their carelessness and disobedience may lead them to indiscipline and thus spoil their career. If they are disciplined, they will turn into worthy citizens of the nation.

Now the present generation of students who are the future citizens,should learn discipline and help the country grow in stature

Face Skin Treatment

Face Skin Treatment For Aging Skin

Tips for Face Skin-Treatment / Remedies

Firstly-you have to know your skin type. It is very necessary in order to make correct decision about right face skin care and treatment whether the treatment is suitable for you or not.
katrina kaif-face skin treatment
Face Skin Treatment

There are basically 5 types of face skin-oily,dry type,normal skin type,sensitive skin type or combination skin types.
Dry Skin
People with dry face skin need richer moisturizers.It's upto you which moisturizer cream brand you trust more.This type of skin lacks of lipid.So it can develop wrinkles and fine pores easily.So dry skin is very prone to aging. Over exposure to the sun is a cause of dry skin.
Sensitive Skin
One wrong move or one wrong facial product can damage your lovely face skin. Because this skin can be terrible allergic to some beauty products.
Oily Skin
People with oily skin usually experience clogged and dirty skin pores,pimple and acne,very much shiny skin

Important Natural Anti Aging Tips


anti aging tips natural
Anti Aging Tips

Are you hunting a lots of informations regarding natural products used for anti aging or home remedies or treatment for anti aging?

Minerals and Water for Anti Aging-Ways to help slow aging

There is nothing to fear about getting older.But don't be look like 60's when you celebrate 40th birth day. There are so many natural ways to slow down your aging process.Yes,you can stop it from speeding up. According to a scientific research, we modern human are responsible for 80% of our aging.The main reason for this is body toxins which are trapped within our body. So do you know what is the main culprit of body toxin production?It is stress.The other important causes are long time medication, poor diets like fast foods and alkaline diet and of course for environmental toxins.

This stress creates body toxins.So our body needs to neutralize it.So minerals needs to neutralize our body toxin. All parts of our body (tissues,muscle,arteries,bones,cells) made from minerals where body does not produce these.Then where you get these?You get these from our daily daily diet like vegetables,fruits and of course from drinking water. Take these daily as much as possible if you really love your skin.
More Tips on Anti Aging Treatment

Household Treatment for Pimple

Homemade Pimple Cure

Natural Tips-Remedies for Pimples

You can not get rid of pimples overnight but this is what most people are looking for , but unfortunately this cant happen . Just remember you have to wait several weeks or more than this, before you see the result.
pimple and acne treatment at home
Pimple Treatment @Home

1.Face should be washed 2 to 3 times a day with sated and luke warm water as salted water removes the oil.
2. Eat lots of fresh fruits and drink lots of water. ( Acne Scars )
3. Reduce all the stress in your life.Because studies shows that more stress you have-more pimple and acne you will have.

4. Very effective homemade pimple treatment is the use of cucumber paste. Apply it on your face regualrly for 10-15 minutes as it helps to moisturise the affected area and nourishes with vitamins.

5.Another very effective remedy is- Applying a combination of one teaspoon of lemon juice and rose water is one of the most successful natural home remedies for Pimples and Acne.

1.Some people applying toothpaste on pimple or acne area-but i can damage your skin better allow it to disappear naturally and dont touch taht area by your finger nail always ,if you dont want to take any risks.

2.Avoid to use excessive soap or face wash. Try to use unscented soap that contains no

3. Oily facial cream should be avoided
4. While washing the face-dont rub the face .Hrd scrubing may agravate the pimple .

Many anti pimple cream have a bad reputation because some people expect them to work overnight but on the otherhand some creams are a waste of money.Choose anti pimple cream which is having salicylic acid as it is very effective. Always consult doctor before buying any cream for pimples, acne or any skin diseases.Natural way to get rid of Acne
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Indian Hot Oil Massage for Dry Hair

Hot Oil Massage For Healthy Hair

Oil should be lighly warm.Either gingerly oil ,coconut oil or any medicated oil could be used. Apply oil on the sclp gently with the finger tip.This procedure has to be done for twenty minutes.

Are you losing your hair too quickly?

Watch Video-Ayurvedic Head and Hair Massage

Hot Oil massage on hair is very good treatment for any type of hair problem like coarse or medium hair. It helps to circulate blood to all part of your scalp which enriches scalp and hair follicles with essential nutrients .Due to warm hair massaging hair becomes moisturised ,healthy and strong and scalp gets extra conditioning.
If you love your hair very much then you have to follow the regular oil massage routine.

ALSO READ : Repair your Hair with Olive Oil

So follow the instruction (in video) for a perfect hot oil massage for your hair-

Amla (gooseberry) or Almond oil is best hot oil massage but there are lot of different oils.
-Coconut oil is good for medium texture
-Olive and Canola oil is great on very dry and coarse hair
-Argan oil works on fine hair
-Jojoba oil can be use
Lower Backpain exercises

Skin Care-AVOCADO for Face

Skin Care Benefits of AVOCADO

skin care for face avocado

AVOCADO-to pamper your skin

It reduces the appearance and signs of age spots as it heals dry skin and also eczema. Avocado is a good source of sterolins, a protein which actually reduce the appearance of age spot. It is also rich in Vitamin A and glutamine. All these ingredients give the skin healthy glow.Its oil increases the amount of collagen found in the tissues and cells of skin. This can be a bio degradable make-up for cosmetic companies .

Avocado Mask Recipe for Dry Skin
Just mash avocado and spread it on your face . Leave on face for atleast 15 minutes then rinse face in luke warm water , followed by a wash cloth.
You can add honey or essential oil on the mash if you have normal skin.
It's a very good homemade and of course beauty products for all skin types
Video-Skin Care-Avocado Face Mask-with basic ingredient from kitchen

It's a very good homemade and of course beauty products for all skin types
Repair your hair with Olive Oil

People with Diabetes at increased risk for cardio vascular disease

Why are people with diabetes at increased risk for heart disease ?

risk for heart disease

With changes in the way we lead our life style, it is common for people to get diabetes in the present world. If you have diabetes you are two to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than people without the diabetes.

Although people diagnosed with diabetes often focus on controlling their blood sugar levels, it is highly essential for them to keep track of symptoms they might have for cardiovascular diseases and hence the need of management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is equally important. CVD otherwise known as Heart disease is typical in people with diabetes.CVD includes heart diseases (i.e. heart attacks), peripheral vascular disease (PVD) and cerebral vascular disease (i.e. strokes). 

What is Cardio vascular disease (heart disease) and why it occurs in People who have Diabetes?

The most common source of heart problem in a person with diabetes is hardening of the coronary arteries or atherosclerosis,which is a result of cholesterol build up in the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients the heart.

When the cholesterol plaques ( a wax like substance ) can break apart or rupture, it makes blood clots and blocks the blood vessel, preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting to the heart .This can result in a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), and rheumatic heart disease.Having diabetes or pre-diabetes puts you at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. 

How to prevent and lower the risk of heart disease ?

We can reduce the risk of heart disease by taking steps to control factors that put you at greater risk:

First and foremost is, if you are a diabetic ,then you need to keep in control your blood sugar level to normal or manageable range.

(The normal level for glucose is usually 70 and 150 mg. These levels are typically lowest when waking up, and rise following meals.

Levels of blood sugar consistently higher than 150 are a sign of high blood sugar otherwise known as hyperglycemia.)

Few steps you can take to control the risk of heart disease are:
  •     Control your blood pressure
  •     Lower your cholesterol
  •     Don't smoke
  •     Get enough exercise
  •     choosing foods wisely
  •     being physically active
  •     taking medications if needed

We have to do with the things that generally people find difficult to be good about. Things like living a healthier life, maintaining an exercise regime and being less stressful in our work. So get ready to work your way out to a healthier heart. With all these within no time you will realize that you are living a heart healthier—and maybe even love yourself being healthy and happy in general !
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How Dangerous is High Blood Sugar


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease in which the body's blood glucose (sugar) level remains high. Normally, the body breaks down food into glucose and carries it to cells throughout the body. The cells in the human body use a hormone called Insulin which converts these glucose to produce energy.
There are three main types of diabetes like 1) Type 1 2) Type 2 and 3) Gestational diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes, the body doesn't make enough insulin. As a result the glucose from the food remains in the body and causes the blood sugar level to rise. This type of diabetes are usually found in children and young adults.

In type 2 diabetes, the body's cells don't use insulin properly (a condition called insulin resistance). At first, the body reacts by making more insulin. Over time, though, the body can't make enough insulin to control its blood sugar level. So essentially in this form there is no effective use of insulin is not body. Usually found in people in age group of 50 or above. However, recently found to be occurring in people of younger age as well.  

Diabetes can affect many major organs in your body, leading to an array of serious complications if left untreated. Few medical problems that we can have owing to elevated sugar levels are :

-Cardiovascular disease (CVD), or heart disease, including peripheral artery disease (PAD) and stroke.
-Renal (kidney) Disease – Prolong diabetes can damage the kidney and lead to kidney failure.
-Unhealthy cholesterol levels, which can lead to atherosclerosis.
-Metabolic syndrome
-Blindness – High degree of diabetes may lead to blindness in the eyes and vision related problems.
-Nerve disease – Neuro related problems may arise due to diabetes.
-Limb Infections - Infections of the feet and problems with blood flow to the feet may be due to diabetes.
-Skin Disorder - Skin problems are sometimes a first sign that someone has diabetes.

An independent study had reveled that, the majority of people with diabetes are the ones who don’t have an effective control on their cholesterol levels, thus putting them at increased risk of heart disease.

Statistically, about 3.7 million people in the UK have diabetes. The majority - about 90% - have Type 2 diabetes where the body makes too little insulin or where it fails to make it properly. In those with Type 1 diabetes, the body cannot produce any insulin at all.

The IDF ( International Diabetes Federation) estimates that there are 246 million adults with diabetes. The highest prevalence rates are found in North America (9.2 percent) and Europe (8.4 percent). The five countries will the largest numbers of people with diabetes are India, China, the United States, Russia and Germany.

The number of people with diabetes is expected to increase alarmingly in the coming decades, rising to 380 million people in 2025. Increased urbanization, adoption of western influence and rapid economic development in developing countries have already contributed to a substantial rise in diabetes.

Best Way To Control Diabetes

The best way to control diabetes is to by means of regular exercise, controlled food habits and refraining from alcohol. If you feel your diabetes is not manageable, and you are serious about controlling it, manage the types of foods you prefer to eat and timing of meals and snacks as well as keeping exercise a daily routine of your day, you can definitely overcome the undesirable problems of diabetes and live a healthy and long life. Your health and happiness are an asset to your family and friends. Keep your near and dear ones happy by keeping yourself happy.

Watch out this space for the next blog post on “ Why are people with diabetes at increased risk for CVD ( Cardio Vascular Disease ) ” ?

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Foods That Reduce High Blood Pressure

Best Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

food that reduce or lower high blood pressure
  Unhealthy lifestyle and genetic inheritance sometimes results in people having elevated blood pressure level. High blood pressure, otherwise known as Hypertension, can lead to heart attack, Stroke, Heart disease, and numerous health problems. Hence the need and urgency to do everything possible to control and reduce it.

People with high blood pressure have to go on medication to lower and regulate their blood pressure level. A healthy life style and maintaining a balanced diet has scientifically proven to control the blood pressure at a manageable level and help in enhancing the quality of life.

Certain group of food that helps in controlling your Blood pressure can be outlined as under:

  • Low-Fat and Non-Fat milk, Yogurt, and Cheese—Food that contains Calcium has been proven to help regulate blood pressure, and study says most people who don’t get enough calcium in their diet are prone to having elevated Blood pressure level. Americans in particular have this as their calcium intake are small. It’s important that these diary products are low- or non-fat. However, as a high fat intake contributes to high blood pressure since Dairy foods are often fatty, so be sure to read the labels the next time you are at the grocery store to buy these items !
  • Intake of lots of fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, bananas, melon, spinach, strawberries, and tomatoes helps in controlling your Blood Pressure. What you really want from your fruits and vegetables is to have rich in potassium. Potassium is essential and helps in lowering blood pressure, and can be found in high quantities in fruits and vegetables.
  • Whole grain rice, bread, pasta, and oatmeal are a good source of carbohydrates like starch and fiber. The general misconception among people is that, foods rich in starch like breads, rice and pasta are fattening but the fact is they are not. However, addition of fat rich substance like cheese, mayonnaise, oil results in people end up consuming fat rich food.
nuts can reduce high blood pressure
  • Nuts and seeds that are rich in magnesium—Like potassium and calcium helps a lot in controlling the Blood pressure. A diet rich in magnesium is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure. Make it a habit to put in few nuts in your mouth when you come across almonds, cashews or Pine nuts. Look for almonds, soybeans, kidney beans, and lentils as rich sources of magnesium in your daily diet.
  • Intake of Olive oil also helps reduce blood pressure
  • Animal proteins like fresh fish and seafood are high in omega 3 oils, monounsaturated fats and calcium; all of these are helpful in reducing the risk of heart attack and managing high blood pressure problems.

Apart from having a healthy food habit it is advised to stay away from the following habits that contribute to high blood pressure and put you at risk for heart disease:

  •     Tobacco use
  •     Obesity
  •     High cholesterol
  •     Lack of exercise.

Ensure you are maintaining an active life. Pursue your hobbies, take up any sports of your liking, march on a artistic pursuit, think positive and make an effort to do something new that enhances your thinking. Life is full of opportunities and make the best use of them.

A balanced food habit supplemented with a disciplined life style is the way to a healthy and prolong life. You have one life, so live it to the fullest.

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Repair Your Hair With Olive Oil

Here is the simple solution to repair hair with Olive Oil

hair treatment with hot olive oil
Olive Oil for Hair

DTH hormone is mainly responsible for hair loss in Males.Frequent hair treatment also another cause of hair fall or damage. So olive oil is the best option for hair growth and it prevents hair fall. It makes hair shiny,moisturized and frizzy free.

Hot Olive Oil Treatment for Hair

First heat up about half small bowl of oil . Make sure it should not be over heated. You can add Rosemary oil on it as it helps to shine hair. Then massage your hair gently and carefully for few minutes-you should start from the root of hair.Then wait for at least half an hour before you wash your hair.

You can try another recipe for hair treatment.
The ingredients are half cup oive oil, 5-6 drops frakincense essential oil and one plastic bag forcovering head.

Procedure- Pour these two oil into a glass bottle in prescribed quantity. Shake well to mix up the frakincense essential oil throughly on that.Keep this glass bottle in a dark place for one day.Dont forget shake the bottle again before use.By using your finger tips massage this mixture into the root/scalp in a circular motion. Then put a plastic bag over your head and allow the oil to remain for at least half an hour. Then wash your hair with branded shampoo with conditioner.

Olive oil can be used in treatment of  scalp problem , split ends and frizzy hair

Secrets of Avocado-Skin Care and Face care

Tips On Anti-Aging

Anti Aging Tips

Aging process

Anti Oxidants is equal to Anti Aging

Antioxidants in your  body protects from the forces of aging .Antioxidants is one type of molecule that prevents oxidation process of other molecules in our body. Free redicals are produce by oxidation reaction. It can cause death of cell by producing these free radicals by the process of oxidation. So anti oxidants can terminates these process by removing free radicals and can inhibits oxidation process . So antioxidants is most necessary elements in our body for preventing life threatening diseases such as cancer,coronary artery or heart disease etc.It also prevents aging process in our body and increases lifespan.It can speed up cell replacement process which help to slow the effects of aging and age related diseases.

This is commonly found in brocoli, spinach, sprouts, carrots, red capsicums, blue berries,grapes,oranges,apricots .More ani oxidants found in rich colored fruit and vegetables.
[ Article - How to reduce weight quickly and Cardio exercise is best for fat burning ]

  •  Drink 5 to 8 glasses of water daily (if possible luke warm water is best)
  •  Eat fresh fruits as much as possible beacuse fresh fruits and vegetables are main source of nutrients having rich in anti oxidants.
  • Use Essential Oil --  Aromatic extract of flowers are known as Essential oil having anti bacterial to rejuvenating and healing properties.It helps to restore youthfulness. Frankincense essential oil , Rose ,Orange blossom , Jasmine , Lavender, Sandalwood , Mimosa and rosewood are some of beneficial for aging and wrinkles skin. Rose hip seed oil is very effective for tissue regeration and it can minimize wrinkles on skin
Important Natural Anti Aging Treatment

    Images of Latest Neck Design of Blouse

    Photos of Latest Neck Style of Saree Blouse

    photos of neck design of blouse

    photos of latest neck style of saree blouse
    Neck design of Blouse

    Saree Blouse Design Descriptions-

    These two are designed as per the new fashion trends in India and some of other Asian country.This looks very modern ,beautiful and fashionable.This designs of blouses with neck designs can be worn with sleeves and also without sleeves.These designs are more comfortable with any kinds of Indian sarees .
    It's a upper garment and was formerly worn by Asian Women with different type and different designer saree.But now a days it has become more popular world wide.Here you can see exclusive collection of Indian celebrity saree and different and latest  neck designs of blouses. We will be add more designer blouses and its neck style.So keep in touch.

    Are Cardio Exercises Best for Burning Fat?

    Relation between Cardio- Exercise & Burning FAT

    cardio exercises to burn fat
    Our body is burning calories at all times,even while we watch tv or walk or eve we sleep or eat.Whether we are listening music or reading, we are burning calorie. So if you want to reduce weight you have to active MORE then you can burn MORE calories. Our body uses more carbs than fats durings hard exercise.

    Riding cycle for half an hour or running for 1-2 miles will burn more fats.So this type of  activties are cardiovascular in nature and if  you can maintain this type of activities for 30 minutes to 1 hour then you can lose body fat.

     Interval Training to lose weight or Burn Fat

    [Another Article- How to lose weight fast ]
    Interval training means discontinuous of physical training or exercise or cardiovascular workout (jogging,cycling,swimmming) .Intervals contribute to lose weight.It make you fitter,which allow you to work out harder and more calories.But remember one thing that you have to burn more calories than you consume to reduce fat even with intervals.

    If weight have not reduced by doing same type of cardio workout for weeks or months then you have to consider by mixing up the activity.For eg. if you are jogging for half an hour per day,you might try walking for fifteen minutesand then resuming you jogging speed.This is reffered to as interval training to burn fat.Really this training will boost your cardio workout.

    Hair Shedding-Reasons and Treatment

    Reason For Hair Falling

    hair fall treatment
    Hair Loss-Reasons & Treatment
    Of course there are some natural causes for hair fall but hair products like shampoo ,conditioner having so much chemicals are the main culprit for hair fall .According to a scientific evidence  we shed an average of 150 hairs per day and high shedding is more than 150 hairs per day.Normally new hair grow to replace the lost one.

     But what is the main reason for hair falling ?

    Although many scientists and doctors still blaming on genetics or hereditary cause but the hair loss or thinning hair can be due to so many reasons and conditions.

    Alopecia Areata or pathy baldness

    It is a hair disease which affects the follicles of hair.This is the portion of skin(scalp) from which hairs grow.Anyone can have this disease.But the main cause is unknown about Alopecia areata.But current evidence suggests that it is due to abnormality of immune system.

    How to stop hair fall

    -Proper blood circulation in the follicle or scalp is the important factors in keeping hair follicle healthy and productive.So an adequate intake of Vitamin E is necessary for proper blood circulation in the scalp.

    -Oil massage on scalp facilitates circulation.So do it on regular basis. But choosing an good oil is very important for hair massage.Any natural but pure oil like coconut,olive or even mustard oil is good enough.Try to avoid scented oil from market.

    How To Lose Weight Quickly

    Tips to Quick Weight Loss
    Most of the people  who are overweight or having obesity are under risks to develop heart diseases like myocardial infraction,strokes. Overweight puts more strain on heart.Obesity means there is possibilities to raise blood pressure,cholesterol and blood sugar.
    weight loss food calorie
    High Calorie
    So losing weight is the best treatment to reduce risk of heart diseases and blood sugar.
    [Another Article-Are cardio exercises are really best for burn fat ?]

    Eating Habit
    Healthy eating habits can reduce excess weight quickly
    -Say 'no' to highly processed foods like noodles,chips,sweet,pastries,very oily snacks.Replace these foods with which are considerably lower in calories and rich with essential minerals (like calcium,magnesium,iron) vitamins,fiber .
    -You should eat few light meals instead of one heavy meal.But remember you should not skip meal.

    Calorie Cutting
    Calorie cutting is a way to lose weight quickly.
    --If you are taking alcohol in regular basis,then limit high calorie drinks .Because alcohol stores carbohydrate (sugar) and fat on your body instead of getting used as fuel.
    -Just remember if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight.So obviously if you burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight.
    -So when you know how many calorie you have to consume and how many calorie you have to burn then it will easy to understand how to lose weight by calorie cutting.
    Dietary Cholesterol
    Cholesterol is nothing but waxy like substance made in the liver and tissues of animals.So it is found in animals products not in plant sourced food.So avoid ghee,cheese,meat and all other animal products if you are really serious about your weight.

    Right Treatment n Causes of Headache

    Headache-Causes and Treatment

    The right treatment can be advised if we can identify the type of headache.Tension headache is very common type.You can find the causes of this type of headache.Some advisors says it is due to muscle contraction.But still the reason is not clear understood.

    Treatment of Tension Headache

    But dont worry.Fortunately treatment of tension headache is possible.It's common symptoms is tightness, band like tight or pressure around head basically forhead.This headache may persists from half an hour to few days.

    Due to insufficient sleep, rough posture or mental stree,tension headache may be caused.Hunger and anxiety may be the reason for this.

    You can treat the headache by taking pain reliever balm or muscle relaxants. Take sufficient rest during this time.
    Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

    Sinus Headache

    The symptoms are constant pain on cheekbones or forhead or on nose bridge. The pain usually starts suddenly by head movement.The other symptoms are facial swelling, watery discharge from nasal passage etc.It is very important to determine the type of headache whether it is actually caused by sinus or not.

    Doctor may be prescribe you antibiotics or short period for antihistamines (such as Benadryl) or any decongestants. Drinking more liquid can be helpfulin treating sinus headache.

    Dry Fruits and Its Health Benefits

    Health Benefits of Dry fruits

    dry fruits health benefits
    Walnuts-Health Benefits
    Dry fruits like cashew nuts or kaju,walnuts,almond,raisin,pista,dates,peanuts,hajel nuts etc are the good source of all types of nutrients. They are rich in important and very essential minerals that's why these have so much medicinal value.It is also easy to digest.So most peple prefer to eat as these are having essential  minerals and medicinal properties.

    Benefits of Raisins

    You can use raising during constipation.Anemic people can also take because it is also good source of Iron (Fe)

    Benefits of Almonds

    [Also read here- Almonds regulates cholesterol ]

    Almonds are rich in iron,copper,phosphorous and vitamin B1.So it helps in development of new blodd cells.It is also responsible for well functioning of all vital organs of our body. You can use it as a beauty product by applying its  paste with milk cream over the face for glowing and soft skin.Almond oil also releives headache and it's also avery god hair tonic for diffrent type of hair problems.

    Benefits of Walnuts

    You can find Omega3 fatty acids only in this nut.As we know omega 3 fattyacid helps to lower triglycerides in our body.For your kind information -too much triglecerides in our body may harmful for heart's health.

    Rural Housing Construction Technology

    Low Cost Rural Housing Technologies

    Housing technology for the rural areas:
     Concrete houses are becoming more popular in the rural areas.But beacause the people in these areas do not get engineers to plan for these houses they are suseptible to earthquake and other natural disasters.
    low cost rural housing technology

    The 2001  census places the rural housing shortage figured in India at 148 lakhs. In the light of this it is now being planned that by the year 2014 that 1.2 crore houses would be built in the rural areas in our country. Suresh G Dubey,Chief Scientist and Nodal Officer RSW Net Central Building Reserach Institute, Roorkey informed  that his organisation has come out with new technology for making mud wall stronger and thatch used for making roof fire resistant.Centarl Building Research Institute Roorkey has developed many technology which are cost effective and innovative particularly to suit the housing in the rural areas .The main technology that institute had developed could be grouped into 4 distinct groove when is improved rural mud housing technology.

    Cost Effective Rural Housing Construction Technology

    Almonds-Regulates Cholesterol

    How Almond is good for cholesterol regulation

     Almond are packed with full of nutrition so it is also known as SUPER NUT because of its highly nutritional value.

    If it is really lower the cholesterol, then how many almonds should eat if someone have high cholesterol?

    According to U.S Food and Drug Administration,one handful or about 23 nuts (shelled) is condidered a suitable amount that will be benefiacial to heart health .

     Other Benefits of ALMOND NUT

    health benefits of almond nut
    Health Benefits of Almonds

    It is rich in monounsaturated fats.This fats help keep levels of Low-density lipoprotein or BAD CHOLESTEROL down.
    Also read here- Health benefits of Dry fruits-Raisins,Walnuts,Cashenuts etc..

    How to lose tummy fat fast

    lose belly or tummy fat

    If you want achive flatter tummy on the natural way, then you have to exercise daily,take right diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These three things should be your top priority.

    I'm very sorry to say that unfortunately the miraculos tablets or pills have not invented yet which can reduce your belly or tummy  So you have to maintain your lifstyle properly as said advice and do little reaserch on your own and find out how to reduce your tummy fat in a proper way. You to control your diet first.As you know that cholesterol is the main culprit to gain weight and deposit fats.So avoid foods which is having more cholesterol. Always take salads on you daily foods.

    And the second thing is EXERCISE. Regular exercise,like cardiovascular exercise or any aerobic exercise are best.Daily walking for 15-20 minutes can reduce your tummy fat.Nothing to do more.
     A nice video-How to reduce your tummy fast-Exercise tips