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How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally-Natural Family Planning Method

Avoid pregnancy naturally

Tips to prevent pregnancy

1.Firstly you have to figure out how long your monthly cycle is.  Some women have a cycle that lasts four weeks(28 days), the first usually being the week that they have their period, followed by the three weeks until their next period begins.

2.The Ovulation Method
The cervical mucus method which is also know as ovulation method,is based on changing cervical secretions which are produced from neck region of cervix of uterus.During the fertility time these cervical secretions become slippery and wet.

Couple who wish to avoid pregnancy refrain from intercourse until 3 days after the last day of fertile-type secretions.

4.Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
By using the basal body temperature method or BBT method,women identify there fertility by observing their body temperature.On this method,you have to measure you body temp. each morning before beginning daily work or any activity. Usually during ovulation,the body temperature normally lower and after ovualtion it rises little to about point 2 degree(0.2) or point 4 degrees(0.4) F .

Couples who wish to avoid a pregnancy abstain from intercourse from the onset of menses until 3 days after the woman's basal body temperature has risen, to about .2 degrees Celsius or .4 degrees F.It signifies the end of the fertile period.
The successful use of natural methods to prevent pregnancy depends upon: Couple's
--ability to correctly identify the fertile time
- identifying the woman's actual fertile days an

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Unknown said…
Each of the approaches in natural family planning involves a conscientious awareness of when you can become pregnant, which is but a brief span approximately in the middle of each menstrual cycle - from about 72 hours before ovulation to about 24 hours after ovulation.